11 Things You Won’t Find in Schools Anymore

As things evolve, so does the way students are taught, and that means classrooms look a lot different than they did even 20 years ago.

Library check-out cards

Vintage 1940's rubber stamped library book check out card over head viewMichelle Patrick/Shutterstock

Do you remember checking the list of names on the check-out card in the back of your library book to see if you knew anyone on it? It was always exciting to find the name of a friend or maybe an older sibling. Schools' libraries are run a little bit differently nowadays. Most schools have digital systems that librarians use to check books in and out and easily track when books are overdue. Some schools even have automated self-checkout systems that allow students to scan their books out themselves.


detailed black chalkboard fragment with two chalk piecesYury Zap/Shutterstock

Chalkboards have been replaced by whiteboards, and, in some schools, Smart Boards, to help incorporate technology into teaching. Smart Boards allow teachers to create interactive lesson plans and have access to online resources for students. No one really liked dusty chalk anyway. If these things were in your classroom growing up, you might have also taken one of these school subjects that aren't taught anymore.

AV carts

Retro video cassettes on gray wooden background. Top view on front sides. Back to the past and multimedia concept, copy space, flat layProstock-studio/Shutterstock

Remember cheering with joy when you saw a substitute teacher roll in an AV cart with a television strapped to the top because you knew you were going to have a movie day? Instead of rolling shared TVs from classroom to classroom, most schools have a projector in each room.