20 Real-Life Heroes That Are Changing the World

Landing on the freeway

FOB_Everyday-HeroesCourtesy Drew Hoffman

After a plane's engine failed the only place for it to land was on a busy highway. Luckily, John Meffert, a fire department captain was traveling on that road at the time. Right after the plane crashed, he quickly ran towards the smoke and fire. He helped the passenger, who had escaped to safety but went back in to try to get the captain out of the plane out. He was able to get him out before the plane was engulfed in flames. His quick thinking and good timing helped save two lives. Read more about the plane crash here.

The mountain's on fire

april-FOB_Heroes_US180467Courtesy WVLT,LOCAL8NOW.COM

Matthew Layton and Brian McGee owner rental cabins up on a mountain. When they received a call that the mountain was on fire, they had to take on an unlikely role. Not many locals were staying on the mountain, so they had to help rescue those that didn't know their way out. They saved a total of 14 people from the flames. Neither of them were concerned about the property damage, they just wanted to make sure families got to safety. Read more about the heroic duo.

Rescue in the river

US180367_FOB_Everyday-HeroesMike Mcgregor for Reader's Digest

Gary Messina was on his morning run when he saw a man jump into New York City's East River. The man was unable to swim and was screaming for help. As he was bobbing in the water two other joggers showed up, David Blauzvern and John Green. All three men jumped into the choppy water to rescue him. After keeping him afloat for 15 minutes a rescue boat finally appeared. If Messina, Blauzvern, and Green hadn't jumped in that day the man's story would have had a very different ending. Read more about the rescue in the river.