Jacqueline Fernandez Fitness Routine: Know the Secret Behind the Bollywood Diva’s Fab Body

Jacqueline Fernandez Fitness Routine: Know the Secret Behind the Bollywood Diva's Fab Body

The chirpy and peppy Jacqueline Fernandez is known for her fit body and a fab workout regime. Want to know what is her fitness regime and diet? Read on…

The Sri Lankan beauty of Bollywood, Jacqueline Fernandez is known for her fit body, a sizzling figure and stunning looks. Her acting skills are widely acknowledged and lauded. But, she is equally known who believes in staying fit and fab always! Her roles in Race 3 and A Gentleman garnered a huge response for her fitness levels. Never a moment when she is found without those definite abs, the bubbly Jaqueline Fernandez is known for her fun workout sessions and her love for fitness and exercising. She does not believe in going to extremes! She believes in taking the middle path and enjoying her workout sessions. So, if you wish to get that body, here are the secrets behind the fitness diva's fabulous figure and that glowing face: 

Jacqueline Fernandez Fitness 

This Bollywood diva believes in being fit and happy. Her fitness mantra is simple - exercise daily with a smile. She suggests taking up exercises, which promise weight loss and total fitness slowly and steadily. Her workout sessions are more fun than rigorous. Her day starts with a cup of green tea, followed by a workout session at home. Not just restricted to the gym, Jacqueline's fitness tips include everything from yoga, swimming to dancing. She swears by yoga and pole dancing as well and knows how to do that perfect headstand. No matter whatever the schedule is, Jacqueline shares that one should be regular with the gym. Also, she does light weights for basic toning while at the gym. Jacqueline's fitness routine is all about loving and enjoying those sessions. 

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Jacqueline Loves Dancing and Pole Stretching 

She believes in staying fit and healthy with regular exercising. Also, more than losing weight and getting that abs, Jacqueline's mantra is to increase the stamina and flexibility with the help of cardio, pole exercises (her ultimate favourite) and stretching. Also, most importantly, she believes in dancing for complete fitness. She dances when she cannot hit the gym due to her busy schedule. As she is forever travelling, she believes in having a no-gym workout plan and relies on her instincts when it comes to exercising. She does what she likes the most. Also, she believes in meditating for good health. 

Meditation for Instant Glow 

Jacqueline's beauty is more than just exercising. She believes that the glow on her face is because if the meditation that she does every morning. The brand ambassador of The Body Shop, she believes in giving equal time to her skin for that fresh look. Rather than relying on makeup, her beauty regime includes the use of all protective layers on her face before applying makeup and her day end with removing all the makeup before hitting the bed. 

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Jacqueline Fernandez Diet 

In one of her interviews, Jacqueline once said that becoming overweight is one of her biggest fears. She is extremely cautious of what she eats and believes in dividing her meals into categories: carbohydrate, proteins, fat and vegetables. She loves brown rice, quinoa and oatmeal soup and loads her meals with veggies. Her dinner meals are generally light. Jacqueline shares that hydration is important for a healthy weight. Also, eggs, salmon and sushi constitute an essential part of her diet. 

Following are some of the takeaways from Jacqueline's fitness regime and healthy diet: 

  • Jacqueline believes in enhancing the stamina, flexibility and strength
  • Her mantra for exercising is all about doing what you love 
  • Her favourite exercise regime is dancing and pole stretching 
  • She says that hydration is important for a healthy body weight 
  • She does eat carbs and still looks fit and fab 
  • She does not believe in pushing the limits when it comes to exercising

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Written by: Vani Malik

Source: Onlymyhealth editorial team Jun 17, 2019