Processed Food Items List: Know What Is So Wrong About These Foods

Processed Food Items List: Know What Is So Wrong About These Foods

While three recent studies offer more clues on how our increasingly industrialized food supply may be affecting our health, they also underscore how difficult nutrition science and advice can be. 

Processed food items list: Healthy eating vs processed foods is the biggest tug of war in this era. Green veggies, fruits vs burgers, wafers, and cold-drinks, what would you choose? We know that 'pizza' sounds tempting and fruits sound boring. But for the long run, its the cereals and protein would help and not those munchies. We already know the harmful side-effects of 'processed foods', but is there something that we don't know? As per a new study, the researchers are trying to make out more hazards out of such food items.

We all know that 'processed products' are

  • ready to eat
  • inexpensive
  • easily available

They are one of the reasons for the growing rates of obesity across the world. Here's what the scientists say:

What are packaged foods?

Today every food goes through the 'process' before being 'packaged'. Either you name it pasteurized milk or you can say skimmed milk, it's all the same. The researchers have come up with a new technique to identify the processed food into various kinds. Broadly there are 4 types. The category classifies, from how highly treated foods are made up of mechanized components. These foods are not even close to genuine foods.

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Here are some of the instances of highly treated foods and beverages:

  • aerated drinks
  • biscuits
  • noddles made up of unleavened dough
  • chicken lumps.

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These were examples of unhealthy foods that we all know. But there are some such products which we consider really healthy. We often intake it as our daily meal. Here are the shocking instances: 

  • breakfast grains
  • cereal bars
  • fermented milk

Hazards of processed foods

Processed foods are available everywhere, you can find them at a mall or at a local vendor. Even at the metro and railway stations, you can see, small shops of instant noodles. Moreover, not to forget, the vending machines in offices. Where snack time means 'packaged food time'.

According to the new research at the US National Institutes of Health, the scientists have found that maximum citizens eat approximate twenty-one hundred excess of kilojoules per day. More shocking is the study where it has been seen that out of 2100 most of the quantity is of packaged foods. During the data analysis, twenty members were given the liberty to eat as much as possible. Then they were diagnosed in the clinic, to check their status of health.

And that not the end.  In another research which is based on surveys, scientists in France found that citizens who are prone to eat more packaged foods were more likely to have cardiovascular ailments. 

Another similar research from Spain found that eating more packaged foods was directly proportional to an increased danger of death.

What to eat and what not to eat?

It's not just the researches and studies, although in general, we all know that one should avoid packaged foods and beverages. It is always advised to consume natural products. Moreover, if you are consuming packaged foods, minimize its intake. Natural food and beverages are rich in fibers and proteins. They fill the stomach and do not enhance our hunger.

We know that in today's busy schedules, it is difficult to avoid packaged foods. But one can always try. Another hindrance in minimizing packaged foods is the product monopoly. There are various products in the market, and everyone tries to prove better than others. Everyone is trying to show better nutrients than others. So while the advanced researchers are giving various examples to avoid processed foods, but they also emphasize the hindrances of coming up with new answers.

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Written by: Tavishi Dogra

Source: Onlymyhealth editorial team Jun 17, 2019