Same Diet Different Results: Study Indicates The Need Of Separate Meal Plans, Even for Twins

Same Diet Different Results: Study Indicates The Need Of Separate Meal Plans, Even for Twins

According to the study, there are some factors that played a role in impacting the body's response to meals.

Everyone responds differently to different foods: Whenever you want to gain or lose weight, it is always suggested that you should consult a dietician. People who will join a gym are also recommended to take advice from a certified gym instructor or fitness expert. But have you ever thought why is it said so? Because everyone is different. Everybody, its type, it needs to differ from one another. Hence, it is also suggested that there should be a customized diet plan for each person. 

Suggesting the above, here's a new study that indicates, the same diet plan will not show the same results for even who are twins or genetically similar. The research is being led by a team of scientists who are from Massachusetts General Hospital, King's College in London and a nutritional company called ZOE. The research is supposedly one of the biggest ongoing scientific nutrition studies. 

The research indicated unique responses to individual diets. Whether they are from similar genetics, now the general dietary guidelines would not work. The research also states that now is the need to advance an illustrated approach towards food, which is expected to provide long run physical profits. 

About the research  

The research was conducted among 1,100 members in the United Kingdom and the United States. Among participants, the maximum was the pairs of twins. The scientists marked the effects of individual diets on sugar, carbohydrates, and fats.

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The researchers also collected data on levels of: 

state of being active, 

appetite for food,

gut microorganisms

The research broadly indicates the following:

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1. Any human body would react in a different manner, even if it consumes the same food at various other timings.

2. Even in cases of genetically similar people or twins, the same meal plan will affect different bodies in a different manner.

3. Nutritional facts in food affect different people differently, including their weight and health.

According to the research, a huge variation in insulin was shown amongst the participants, who took the same diet. Hence, it clearly states that it could only be elucidated by genetic determinants. People living in the same environments, genetically similar, twins also indicated dissimilar reactions for the same edible material.

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Written by: Onlymyhealth Staff Writer

Source: Onlymyhealth editorial team Jun 12, 2019