The 12 Greatest Spy Movies You Should Watch Again

Spy Kids


What could make some of the best spy movies even better? Spy movies starring kids. Dynamic visuals and an artsy sensibility make this action film a favorite for kids that can entertain parents too. Antonio Banderas plays Gregorio Cortez, a dad of a spy family, Carla Gugino's the mom, Ingrid, and they're up against a legion of bad guys in a crazy castle. When a bunch of thumb-headed robots (yep, you read that right!) come for the kids, they escape in a submarine and figure out they need to save their parents. Good thing they're total naturals when it comes to spy craft. These are the 100 funniest movies of all time.

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Chris Cooper turns in a commanding performance as Robert Hanssen, a career FBI agent who may or may not be working as a Russian spy. Eric O'Neill (Ryan Phillippe) is a newbie agent assigned to work as his underling while secretly investigating him—but at first, he doesn't know why. Laura Linney plays Katherine "Kate" Burroughs, a career agent dedicated to truth and justice. This thriller will keep you on your toes with suspenseful reversals. You'll find yourself rooting for Hanssen, then being sure of his guilt, then going back to denial—just like O'Neill. The elevator scene with the guilty agent at the end is devastating. Treason hurts the nation, but for those closest to you, it's even worse. (And in case you're ready for something lighter afterward, check out these happy beach movies.)

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The Conversation


Gene Hackman gives an amazing performance that channels paranoia and obsession in Francis Ford Coppola's ode to surveillance techniques. The camera itself acts like a spy-cam in this movie about Harry Caul, a private investigator who's an expert at bugging people. He's so good at it, that he's terrified someone is listening in on him. During the haunting ending, he tears his apartment apart looking for the bug. You'll love this artsy classic that premiered just after the Watergate scandal and seemed to offer insight into surveillance, spying, and corruption.

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