World Day Against Child Labour 2019: Adverse Effects of Child Labour on Mental Health

World Day Against Child Labour 2019: Adverse Effects of Child Labour on Mental Health

Child labour is a growing concern in our country and can have irreversible effects on children health in the longer run

The World Day Against Child Labour is observed on June 12. This day is important to highlight the plight of those hundreds of boys and girls who are working, either by choice or forcefully, to earn a living. It is a growing menace across the globe and needs to be addressed with proper measures to save a child from mental torture. As per estimates by the International Labour Organization, around 152 million children are into labour work, and this malpractice exists in almost sectors, be it commercial industries or even agriculture. An estimated population of 70 million of them are involved in dangerous factory jobs, directly affecting their mental as well as physical health. 

Fear, Depression and Abuse 

Child labour can have some serious negative effects on children. It is both physical as well as mental health, which is affected. It is a new fad where adolescents want to work to gain that 'required experience' for job prospects. However, spending long and strenuous hours at the workplace and verbal abuse can have serious ill effects on the mental health of the child. The following can be some of the resultants of child labour: 

  • Depression and isolation
  • Post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD)
  • Psychosomatic disorder, which involves the mind and the body
  • Adjustment disorder, where the child finds it difficult to adjust in a new environment, whether good or bad 
  • The way towards substance abuse where horrific experiences lead to a slackening of will power 
  • Anxiety disorders where kids have various issues in adjusting to newer situations and surroundings leading to mood swings and anxiety pangs 

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Psychological fallouts are Common 

It is widespread to hear stories of kids in forced labour getting into substance abuse. Psychological effects of child labour are many. Children mental health is one of the significant topics of universal relevance. There have been cases where disturbed mental health in kids even leads to suicides. Aggression, anxiety, substance abuse are some of the commonly found psychological problems in kids into forced labour. There are several NGOs that you can be a part of to fight this social evil: 

  • CRY 
  • CHILDLINE India Foundation
  • Save The Children India
  • Bachpan Bachao Andolan
  • Pratham Education Foundation

Tips To Save Kids from Mental Disorders 

Mental health in kids is a sensitive topic and should be addressed with much care. Any child showing symptoms of abuse and psychological disorders should be given proper treatment for a better and stable future. Incidences and childhood experiences often leave a terrible impression on a child's mental health, and it is essential to take care of those symptoms well in advance for stable adulthood: 

  • Hug the child to give him/her the feeling of being there.
  • Spend time with the child, strike conversations and share experiences. 
  • Recognise the efforts of the child and praise when they do something beautiful.
  • Talk about mental health and ways to tackle difficult situations in daily life.
  • Make them aware of the ill effects of substance abuse of alcohol and drugs. 
  • Do not feel ashamed of taking the child to a psychologist for counselling 

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Written by: Onlymyhealth Staff Writer

Source: Onlymyhealth editorial team Jun 12, 2019