10 Adorably Small Dog Breeds That Stay Small

10 Adorably Small Dog Breeds That Stay Small

Shih Tzu

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These little pups are "playful, affectionate," and "love snuggling with their humans," says dog expert Lisa Bernier. Shih Tzus tend to weigh about 9-16 pounds and can live for 10-18 years. Since these dogs were originally bred to live in royal palaces, they are very well behaved, require little exercise, and are the perfect pets for apartment living or homes without backyards. Despite their royal status, Shih Tzus are not one of the most expensive dog breeds in the world, making them easy to adopt! In their free time, there's nothing these dogs love more than sitting on their person's lap and showing off their long, beautiful coats. Since these dogs are great companions, Shih Tzus are prone to separation anxiety.

Since Shih Tzus are known for their long and impressive coats, it's important to groom these dogs daily. Unfortunately, these dogs do have a lot of health concerns, including "hip dysplasia, kidney infections, dental issues, breathing problems, and eye and ear infections," says Bernier. It's also important to keep these dogs out of the heat. While you have to take extra care of your Shih Tzu, these are some of the most loving dogs that stay small that you can find!

Brussels Griffon

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Brussels Griffons are some of the most "lively, intelligent, and sensitive," dogs that stay small. The pups tend to weigh between 8-10 pounds and live for 12-15 years. According to Bernier, pups of this adorable breed are known as "Velcro dogs," because they are prone to having separation anxiety. While this may be difficult to manage at first, Brussels Griffons have "a ton of personality and socialize well with children," says Bernier.

To keep their coats clean and pampered, these dogs should be groomed on a daily basis. Like most small dogs, Brussels Griffons must be watched for dental problems. The other health concerns that are unique to this breed include overheating "because of their squished faces, breathing problems, eye problems, and difficulty giving birth," says Bernier. While this may sound like a lot to handle, it's important to remember that these are only concerns—not all Brussels Griffons will experience these health issues. Not to mention the fact that their cuteness will surely make up for the extra TLC these dogs require!


AffenpinscherEvgeniia Shikhaleeva/Shutterstock

In the market for a loyal best friend? Look no further—an Affenpinscher puppy is the perfect pal. Weighing between 7-10 pounds, these dogs stay small throughout their entire 12-15-year life span. Despite their little size, Affenpinschers are confident, brave, and dependable. According to dog expert Bernier, Affenpinschers have "yapping tendencies due to their watchdog habits and significant separation anxiety." However, a bit of extra training is a fair price to pay for their high energy and ability to "endlessly entertain their owners with their clowning," says Bernier.

Bernier suggests grooming your Affenpinscher regularly, but there's no need to pamper the pup on a daily basis. More good news? The only health concern unique to Affenpinschers is dental problems, says Bernier. These healthy and happy dogs will surely make for a happy owner, but if you don't think an Affenpinscher is the right fit, try these simple tips for picking the best dog breed for you.

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