10 Things You Should Never Store in Your Basement

10 Things You Should Never Store in Your Basement

Unfinished basements and crawl spaces can be a great place to store items you don't use all the time. But before you stash something down below, consider if it will hold up when left in a cool and often damp space. The following items won't do so well.


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Your child's favorite toys—especially stuffed animals and other plush toys—should be stored in an area other than the basement. Dust mites, other insects and even mice may have their way with the toys if given the chance. If you must store toys in the basement or crawl space, make sure they are secured in airtight containers—these 12 awesome ideas for storing toys have some better suggestions.


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You want to save your favorite books from childhood to give to your kids or grandkids someday, but storing them in the basement isn't the best solution. Silverfish are insects that thrive in dark, damp environments such as basements and crawl spaces and the bugs love to feast on starchy substances, such as the glue that binds books. 

Rugs and carpeting

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Rolled up rugs and carpeting make great homes for insects and mice so consider storing them in a spot other than a basement or crawl space. The rug and carpet fibers will also absorb moisture and odor, which may ruin them if left for long periods. At the other end of your house, find out the 10 things you should never keep in the attic.

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