12 Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before Taking Antibiotics

12 Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before Taking Antibiotics

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Am I able to crush the pill?


If you have trouble swallowing pills, check with a doctor before crushing it, because it might not absorb the same way a whole capsule would, Young says. Many antibiotics also have a liquid form available, which could be a better option, she says.

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Is this antibiotic safe with other medications I take?


Your doctor will likely ask what other medications you take to avoid a reaction, but don't leave out easily forgotten drugs like birth control pills or over-the-counter supplements and vitamins. Some antibiotics might make birth control less effective, meaning you might need an alternative form of contraception, Hartzell says. Plus, iron from supplements binds to some antibiotics so they don't absorb, he says. "It's especially important to ask if you don't get every prescription filled at that pharmacy," he says. Your pharmacist or doctor might not be aware of every medicine you take, so make sure you provide an updated list before starting an antibiotic. Learn about the pills you should never mix.

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If I had a reaction in the past, am I allergic to this medication?


An allergy to an antibiotic means not only do you have to avoid that medicine, but also related ones in its family, Tomaka says. But just because you had a reaction when you were younger doesn't necessarily mean you need to avoid it anymore. Your system might be able to tolerate a type of penicillin that's less similar to one that gave you a reaction, for instance, he says. Plus, your reaction might not have been allergies after all—ampicillin, for example, can cause rashes in children related to histamine release, rather than an allergy. Even though you should still stick with a medication you know you feel comfortable with for now, it might be worth a future visit to test whether you're truly allergic. "An outpatient with an infection is not going to go through all this," Tomaka says. "Pick the safest, most conservative route if you're not going to be monitored. The value of finding out about an allergy is to get the most updated information."

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