12 Things Your TSA Security Agent Isn’t Telling You

12 Things Your TSA Security Agent Isn't Telling You

In 2016, the TSA discovered a record 3,391 firearms during screenings. But it wasn't accomplished without a lot of stress. Here's what officers are really thinking while you wait in the security line.

I don't think it makes sense to confiscate your oversized tube of toothpaste either

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But everything I do is on camera, so even if I disagree with a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) rule, I must enforce it. That includes the new rule that certain state drivers' licenses are no longer valid forms of ID.

We get frustrated when passengers demand that we justify a policy

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It's hard to explain why a senior citizen can't keep his utility knife with a tiny blade, while a 300-pound man fresh out of prison can hop on board with his scissors, toothbrush, and lighter. Plus, your wait in the security line will be much longer if you see these four letters on your boarding pass.

Creating the TSA was largely a political decision

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And many terrorism experts still believe that it doesn't significantly enhance our security. Police catch murderers, the FBI catches bank robbers, but how many terrorists have been caught by screeners? Zero that we know of.

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