13 Secrets Airbnb Hosts Will Never Tell You

13 Secrets Airbnb Hosts Will Never Tell You

Once you know these insider tips, your next home stay experience will be much more enjoyable—and possibly even less expensive!

Don't be afraid to negotiate the price

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Whether renters simply don't know or are afraid to try, it is not out of line to negotiate the cost of a stay with a homeowner. Hosts are more likely to be flexible on pricing if you're planning a long-term stay or making a last-minute booking during a low demand period (i.e., during the middle of the week or shoulder season).

Be up front about problems, please

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If you break or damage your hosts' personal belongings or knickknacks or worse (i.e. the washing machine), alert your host as soon as possible. Sometimes, insurance or your damage deposit can cover these repairs, but when things are not discovered until later, it can get tricky. Airbnb has created a set of guidelines and an easy way to refund an owner for any damages caused through its resolution center online.

You should shop around

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Often, homeowners list their place on multiple sites, sometimes at different price points. It can pay off to shop around, and if you find a lower price for the same home, don't be afraid to ask for that price via your preferred rental site. Many online travel agencies including Orbitz and Booking.com also list home rentals, although their prices can be higher to factor in different commission rates charged to the owner. Do your homework before forking over your credit card, especially since home sharing sites don't offer "best rate guarantees" the way hotels do. Find out exactly how much extra cash you could make renting out your home on Airbnb.

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