15 Surprising Facts About Disney’s Most Famous Characters

15 Surprising Facts About Disney's Most Famous Characters

Your favorite cartoons growing up have some interesting backstories.

Mickey Mouse was almost named Mortimer

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When Walt Disney suggested the name to his wife, Lillian, she didn't think the name matched the character's personality. He later came up with Mickey Mouse, and the rest is history. Mortimer Mouse eventually became Mickey's taller, more arrogant nemesis, sporadically appearing in print and short films since 1936.

Mickey and Minnie have the same birthday

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In 1933, Walt Disney stated that Mickey's birthday was October 1, 1928, since that was "the day on which his first picture was started," waltdisney.org reports. But in 1978, Dave Smith, founder of the Disney Archives, changed the date to November 18, 1928, the premiere of Steamboat Willie. The 1928 animated short officially debuted Mickey and Minnie Mouse to the world, which meant that date was Minnie's birthday, too. Check out these vintage photos of Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Several Disney characters have stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

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On November 18, 1978, Mickey Mouse became not only the first Disney character to get a star, but the first-ever cartoon character to get one. Six more stars have since been awarded to Disney characters: Snow White (1987), Kermit the Frog (2002), Donald Duck (2004), Winnie the Pooh (2006), Tinker Bell (2010), and The Muppets (2012).

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