277: Breast Implant Illness: What It Is & How to Heal With Diane Kazer

277: Breast Implant Illness: What It Is & How to Heal With Diane Kazer

277: Breast Implant Illness: What It Is & How to Heal With Diane Kazer

Today we are covering a much-requested topic: breast implants and how they might affect health. I am here with Diane Kazer, a pro soccer player turned functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner. Many credit her as a visionary and a gamechanger in the world of women's hormones, detox, empowerment, and leadership. Diane started the CHI Hormone Warrior Transformation Tribe as well as the TITS method, a holistic approach to healing from breast implant illness, which she experienced firsthand. We're going to go deep on that today in particular since I have gotten so many questions from women struggling with it.

I think it's important to say before we get started: The goal here is to inform, not to pass judgment on motherhood or anything related to body image. We all have our own choices to make but I firmly believe education is the place to start!

Episode Highlights With Diane Kazer

  • The surprising percentage of women who will have breast implants within their lifetime
  • Why breast implant awareness has become an important cause for many women
  • 21 symptoms women with breast implants should look know to look for
  • Possible effects of breast implants on the spine, muscles, and even gallbladder
  • The connection between breast implants and autoimmune conditions or multiple chemical sensitivity disorders
  • Whether we have any evidence showing breast augmentation helps or hurts women emotionally or physically (and the reasons research is lacking in this area)
  • How a thermogram can show if your breast implants are having a negative effect
  • What you need to know if you plan to have breast implants removed
  • Alternatives to breast implants if you're considering the procedure
  • How to manage the emotional side of surgically altering your body
  • Diane's detox protocol (it goes deeper than blood tests and supplements)
  • And more!

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