278: Pet Health and Natural Remedies With Full Bucket Health

278: Pet Health and Natural Remedies With Full Bucket Health

278: Pet Health and Natural Remedies With Full Bucket Health


Pet Health and Natural Remedies With Full Bucket Health

For many of us, pets are part of the family! Yet it can be hard to find solid information about pet health and how to be proactive in taking care of them. Enter veterinarian Dr. Rob Franklin and Full Bucket Health, a supplement company paying special attention to the gut health and digestion of dogs, cats, and even horses.

Dr. Rob Franklin has led and developed successful intensive animal care units in Florida, Australia, and Texas, and has lectured internationally on equine internal medicine. He's published peer-reviewed journal articles and written several textbook chapters on animal health topics.

Today he gives us a holistic pet health primer and clears up some common misconceptions about the best way to approach animal health.

Episode Highlights With Full Bucket Health

  • How pets need most of the things people need to be healthy
  • Clues we can take from an animal's natural diet before domestication
  • Why owning a pet might be good for your health
  • Ways to meet the emotional and social needs of pets (it's important for them too!)
  • Why feeding an all-raw diet to imitate what a pet would eat in the wild may backfire
  • Ingredients to look for (and ones to avoid) in cat and dog food
  • Some common claims on pet food and supplements that you should be skeptical of
  • The right way to care for pet gut health and whether you should use a pet probiotic
  • Tips for canine and feline dental health
  • And more!

Resources We Mention

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