6 Lesser-Known Myths About Food And Exercise

6 Lesser-Known Myths About Food And Exercise
6 Lesser-Known Myths About Food And Exercise

From diet to exercise, there are a number of myths which create confusion in our mind. We are debunking some myths related to food and workout in this article. Read for details.

With the fast-moving world, every information is transmitted easily whether it is real or fake. Fake information travels faster than the real ones. So is the case of myths, especially myths related to fitness is so prevalent in the mind of people that it is almost impossible to remove them from the world.

Fitness generally is connected with food and workout. In the world of flooded information, we came up with some of the common myths related to food and exercises. 

Carbs make you fat

Most of the people think that leaving carbohydrates can make them slimmer. Seriously? 

  • The Indian plate is incomplete without carbohydrates and it is essential. Carbs are needed for the generation of stored glycogen and energy in the body.
  • Removing carbohydrates from your diet can cause mood swings, poor appetite, problematic gut movement, and low energy. Using a low carb diet for weight loss is not an effective way. In the long run, you will get to know that it is not the fat loss it is the water loss of your body. 
  • The key to use carbs in your diet is to balance them with protein, fruits, and vegetables. So don't leave carbs just focus on the quantity.

Early Breakfast

It is generally believed that breakfast should be before 9-10 a.m. It will help in weight loss.

Believe us you are in the wrong world. There should be at least a time gap of 12 hours between your dinner and breakfast. If you complete your dinner before 8 p.m, only then you can take breakfast early but if you had your dinner after 8, you should never take breakfast early.

Our body needs a long break to repair damaged genes and cells which can help in the reduction of cancer and dementia risk.

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Fat is dangerous

  • People confuse fat with weight gain. Yes, fatty food is high in calories but they make us feel full for a longer duration. This results in fewer cravings and more energy.
  • Healthy fat like avocado, salmon, egg yolk, etc is essential for enhancing satisfaction supporting good mood and metabolism. Although balancing fats with protein and mineral is important but fat is also an important nutrient for our body.

More workout, more fitness

  • This is one of the most famous myth. However, spending long hours in the gym doesn't make you fit. It is the quality of the workout which matters the most. Just running continuously without thinking about the type of body shape and capacity is going to cost you in the long run.
  • There is a need for a more dedicated well-planned workout with scheduled diet to achieve the right fitness.

Snacking to break your meal in small portions

  • This must be invented by some snack manufacture company. 
  • The fact is snacks make you more hungry and increases your hunger level with time. Eat meals just 3 times a day and do not take morning and evening snacks. 3 meals a day is more than sufficient for your body. If you still feel hungry you can take fruits and milk but not snacks.

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Antibiotics for flu

  • Antibiotics generally kill bacteria. Let us tell you that bacteria saves you from flu because flu is caused due to the virus.
  • Take adequate sleep and eat on time. Do not taste ice cream and cold drink during winters. And go for home remedies for flu.

Six-pack is healthier

Six- pack abs are seen as a fitness sign but it is not. Every body type is different and needs different workout and fitness. Six-pack abs for some people can be even toxic. 

Workout according to your body type. Make a toned body not a abs body.

These are just a handful of myths. There is a list of other myths too which is not covered here. Our Ayurveda and ancestor have many proved fitness ideas which you can use instead of blindly believing in myths.

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