9 of the Weirdest, Wildest Sharks in the World

9 of the Weirdest, Wildest Sharks in the World

With their sandpaper skin, beady eyes, and razor-sharp teeth, sharks are strange and fascinating creatures. These are some of the weirdest.

Basking sharks

Basking SharkFLPA/Shutterstock

This shark is the second-biggest fish in the ocean and can grow to a size of 40 feet and 10,000 pounds. But if you ever find yourself swimming near one, have no fear. They're docile, slow-swimming, and like whales, just open their insanely giant mouths to filter plankton and other small sea creatures out of the water—sharks are an important part of the food chain—for their food.

Bamboo shark

'Virgin birth' bamboo sharkJeremy Durkin/Shutterstock

These little sharks are so long and skinny that they seem to have more in common with an eel or sea snake than true cousins like great whites. But one of the most interesting things about these fish is that they seem to have the power of parthenogenesis—the ability to fertilize themselves and have offspring without a male bamboo shark. Scientists had no idea until a bamboo shark at a sea-life center in the United Kingdom had, what news reports at the time called, a "virgin birth." That's usually something seen in plants and smaller animals without backbones like insects.

Tasselled wobbegong

Tasselled WobbegongimageBROKER/Shutterstock

Just look at it! This strange-looking shark has elaborate fringe around its head that serves as a type of camouflage as it hunts fish and invertebrates on the floor of the reefs. They have been known to accidentally nibble a human finger or toe if a diver or snorkeler gets too close, though, according to the world-class shark experts at the Florida Museum.

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