Constantly Rubbing Your Eyes Can Cause Them Serious Damage

Constantly Rubbing Your Eyes Can Cause Them Serious Damage
Constantly Rubbing Your Eyes Can Cause Them Serious Damage

Rubbing your eyes may feel very good and relaxing, but too much of it may be of grave concern. A susceptible organ in the human body, constant rubbing of the eye can lead to several eye-related problems in a longer run

Dust, allergies, and continued staring at the computer screens makes the eye weak and tired. The immediate relief that we look for is to rub our eyes continuously. It may be relaxing for that very moment, but it can seriously damage the eye to a great extent. Rubbing the eye consistently is even said to be therapeutic as it stimulates the vagus nerve. This nerve helps slow down the heartbeat in an individual, further aiding in relieving stress. Too much of anything can be a severe problem, and the same goes with this habit. There can be significant changes in the eye with constant rubbing, subjecting the eye to the risk of allergies and weakened eye muscles. Following are some serious damages that can be caused to the eye due to continuous rubbing: 

Constantly rubbing your eyes may lead to the breaking of tiny blood vessels present in the eye. This syndrome can be a reason of blood-shot eyes and even ugly dark circles.

Rubbing your eyes means subjecting your eye to the bacteria present in your hands. Bacterial eye infections can be severe and can lead to infections like conjunctivitis. Also, rubbing can further worsen the existing eye problems.  

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The immediate reaction of a foreign body getting stuck in the eye is rubbing. There is a misconception that rubbing the eye may eliminate the foreign object from the eye. On the contrary, rubbing against the foreign object can cause damage to the cornea. 

The constant rubbing can also lead to dry eyes. Dr Harsh Kumar from Centre for Sight group of eye hospitals said, "In the normal eyes, the rate of production of aqueous (a fluid that keeps the eye moist) matches the rate of its drainage, thereby maintaining optimal pressure inside the eye. With trauma or other factors, the channels carrying aqueous may get blocked, increasing the pressure inside the eye. This increased pressure damages the optic nerve." 

Rubbing the eye for glaucoma patients is a big no. Increase in eye pressure due to rubbing can cause blindness in extreme cases.  

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In case of any discomfort in the eye, follow these simple steps and put an end to endless rubbing of the eye. First and foremost, visit a doctor if there are consistent irritation and allergy symptoms in the eye.  

  • Put Tear Drops: Teardrops are the best way to soothe your eye of any infection and irritation. Dryness in the eye leads to irritation, which can be treated with teardrops. Consult a doctor before putting any drop in your eye. 
  • Warm Compresses: Try using a damp, warm cloth piece and placing it on your eye when having irritation in sight. Keeping a piece of warm cloth on the eye will provide relief from the irritation, helping get rid of any bacteria in the eye. 
  • Treat Eye Allergies: Consult your doctor if it is a continuous issue. Rubbing itchy eyes can be the reason for severe other eye diseases as well. Such allergies can lead to bumps inside the eyelids and dry patches surrounding the eye.

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Written by: Vani Malik

Source: Onlymyhealth editorial team Jul 12, 2019

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