Control Cholesterol With These 6 Superfoods

Control Cholesterol With These 6 Superfoods
Control Cholesterol With These 6 Superfoods

Special attention is needed to control cholesterol. Today, we are telling you about some superfoods whose consumption can control cholesterol, without any side effects.

Increased cholesterol in the blood increases the risk of heart diseases. If you don't exercise regularly and you are taking a healthy diet, then the amount of bad cholesterol can increase in the body. It is important to take special care of food to control cholesterol. Today, we are going to tell you about some such superfoods whose consumption, can control the levels of cholesterol in your body. Keep in mind that it has no side effects.


Omega 3 and monosaturated fatty acids are abundant in walnuts. Cholesterol can be controlled up to 15 percent by eating this nut. It is also believed that the walnut helps to reduce the swelling of the body which improves the function of the blood vessels. Walnut consists of:

  • omega 3 in the nut
  • vitamin B complexes
  • vitamin E

Olive oil

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Here's the second superfood which is usually present in your kitchen: olive oil. Do you know that olive oil is the best source of monosaturated fat? Yes, and it can reduce the inflammation of the body and can reduce the cholesterol levels. If you are thinking of a diet or food that is good for your heart, then olive oil is the best preference.

Red wine

It is harmful to drink alcohol, but scientific research claims that red wine helps in controlling cholesterol. Red Wine is made from a special type of grapes, which is known as tempranillo Red Grapes. This is very effective in lowering your cholesterol levels. A glass of wine at night can be very beneficial for your cholesterol.

Orange juice

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As we are talking about beverages here, orange juice also comes under the list of superfoods that regulates cholesterol levels. You can usually drink orange juice with breakfast in the morning. This is considered to be the best source of vitamin C. Besides, Orange juice also contains plenty of: 

  • magnesium
  • vitamin B complex 
  • vitamin A 
  • potassium

According to research, cholesterol levels can be controlled by drinking orange juice regularly.

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is favorite among kids. Also, it is a different kind of superfood. It is very helpful in controlling cholesterol levels, as it also has a special type of antioxidant. However, you can choose whichever chocolate you like, it can be dark, white or milk Chocolate.


Everybody is aware of the medicinal properties of green tea, it's antioxidant element prevents the absorption of cholesterol. According to research from the American Dietetic Association, "those who consume green tea every day have fewer chances of high cholesterol levels in their body. Green tea works to reduce the LDL levels of cholesterol from five to six points".

Health Tips

  • Heart disease can be increased with high cholesterol.
  • Regular exercise can cholesterol regularly.
  • Lack of exercise can lead to bad cholesterol in the body.

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Written by: Tavishi Dogra

Source: Onlymyhealth editorial team Jul 23, 2019

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