Egg Myths Debunked: Don’t Quit Eggs Due To These Misconceptions

Egg Myths Debunked: Don't Quit Eggs Due To These Misconceptions
Egg Myths Debunked: Don't Quit Eggs Due To These Misconceptions

Fond of eggs? Who isn't? But are you afraid of the myths that are spread worldwide regarding eggs? Don't worry, as we are going to clear all your misconceptions regarding egg myths.

Eggs are an excellent source of protein. They are the healthiest and most nutritious food. They don't contain sugar and carbs. Easy to cook, it is the savior for busy people. You can make any delicious and super healthy dish out of egg from boiled, poached, fried, half-fried to scrambled.

Although they contain a lot of nutrition inside them still they are trapped in several myths. Let's see the myths which revolve around eggs, restricting some people to enjoy their super-healthy egg dishes.

Increases Cholesterol?

Eggs are low in saturated fats and have no trans-fat. They contain only a small amount of cholesterol. Eggs contain fats having good unsaturated fats that are needed for better health. Maintain a balanced diet and avoid overeating to keep yourself healthy. Cholesterol isn't the case of the egg, it may be your habit of eating more than what your body needs.

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Egg Yolk Unhealthy?

Restricting yourself to egg white? Because you think yolks are unhealthy? If you find any allergy or problem due to egg, It can be another issue. Egg yolks are a rich source of healthy fat and protein and not all fat is bad. Our body needs healthy fat with vitamins and minerals. This healthy fat and protein are beneficial for building bone and muscle health. Excess of anything is bad. So, it is suggested that egg yolk should be consumed in a limited amount because it can increase metabolic weight.

Not good for Kidney?

The biggest myth revolving around the egg is that egg white damages kidney.  This is just the opposite case. If you consume 1-2 egg whites daily, it will prevent kidney disorders and will also improve the good protein level in your body promoting kidney wellness.

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Do Milk and Egg combination cause Indigestion?

Eggs and milk both are packed with nutrients, protein, and calcium. They are filled with good quality amino acid and fat which are essential for your body. If you are lactose intolerant, then only you will face certain difficulty otherwise consuming both milk and egg will complete your protein intake.

Eggs are giving pop-outs?

There is a myth blaming egg for your acne and pimples. Unless you are allergic to egg, it is not going to facilitate the pop-outs. Rich in protein and healthy fats, it will help you maintain flawless skin.

Brown eggs are healthier than white eggs?

Both brown and white eggs are beneficial. Brown rice is healthier than white rice, brown bread is better than white bread but it's not the case with brown egg. The white egg is naturally healthy and contains an equal amount of protein as that of a brown egg.

An egg is not only delicious but is also known as a complete food. Adding an egg to your breakfast is very beneficial for your overall health. Get over with these myths and add eggs to your diet.

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Source: Onlymyhealth editorial team Jul 11, 2019

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