High Iron Intake May Increase The Risk Of Stroke, Says Study

High Iron Intake May Increase The Risk Of Stroke, Says Study
High Iron Intake May Increase The Risk Of Stroke, Says Study

Iron diet is essential for the body because it helps in increasing blood sugar. Having enough iron will endanger the risk of heart diseases, but if you consume more iron than you need, then you increase the risk of stroke. 

Iron is an essential mineral for your body because it helps in the formation of red blood cells which supplies oxygen to your whole body. If iron is deficient in the body, it leads to several kinds of problems such as: 

  • blood loss 
  • anemia 
  • fatigue 
  • lethargy 

But have you ever thought, that if you take more iron than needed, what will happen? In this regard, recent research was conducted in London's Imperial College which has been published in 'Journal of the American Heart Association and PLOS Medicine'. Data of approx more than 5 lakh people have been extracted for this study.

Iron - the lifesaver

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Iron will save the heart from disease. Research has shown that consuming iron foods protects against heart diseases. Consuming enough amounts of iron reduces the risk of anemia. This research has found that iron reduces the risk of naturally occurring Atherosclerosis. It is a condition where the fat deposits in a person's arteries are blocked, thereby increasing the risk of a heart attack. In this case, it can be assumed that by consuming good amounts of iron, you can avoid the condition of a heart attack.

Iron - dangerous for the brain

Iron could be dangerous for the brain, a startling fact came out in this research that consumption of excess iron could increase the risk of stroke. According to researchers, there is an increased risk of blood clotting when there is an excess of iron in the body. The reason for this is that high amounts of iron slightly slows down the flow of blood. By consuming an excess of iron, a person could be prone to stroke, which is a deadly condition.

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Risk of skin infection

Another fact that came out in this research revealed that increasing the intake of iron leads to the risk of skin infections. However, more research needs to be done in this regard. Researchers came to know about it after the research when more than 900 people were diagnosed with skin infections.

What to do?

Now, you must be thinking, should I avoid iron or not? We have a solution for you. As you know, that excess of everything is bad, therefore, there are certain limitations to everything. Same is the case with iron, you can consume it but in a limited quantity. Generally, if you are healthy, then the amount of iron required for your body can be filled with food. There are so many things to eat that contain iron. But after the following conditions, people need more iron in their body.

  • pregnancy
  • recovery from disease
  • hormonal changes 

In such a situation, you can take iron capsules/tablets with doctor's advice. But one must note that you should not take any health supplement without a prescription.

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Written by: Tavishi Dogra

Source: Onlymyhealth editorial team Jul 25, 2019

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