Mobile Light Exposure Can Pose Threat To Your Sleep

Mobile Light Exposure Can Pose Threat To Your Sleep
Mobile Light Exposure Can Pose Threat To Your Sleep

Sleep is a naturally repeating state of mind which is important for our body. Too much use of mobile phone can cause disruptions in this natural sleep cycle. 

Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you use your cell phone before bed? Beware! Phone light can be the reason for your sleeping problem. Light has intense effects on your sleep. Light is the source of getting up in the morning. Using a light at night can cause sleep disturbance followed by many other health issues. This phone light will never let you sleep.

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Good sleep is necessary for good health. It can affect hormonal balance, weight, and other mental as well as physical health issues. Growing technology has made sleeping a problematic concern with the addiction of using cell phones, laptop till midnight.

Bright blue light emitted from mobile phones has become a new disruptive challenge of sleep. This not only creates restlessness but also triggers poor brain functioning. There are other factors too which creates disturbance in sleep and creating sleep disorder such as stress, nicotine, bad diet, alcohol, etc. Bright light is the new proved entry in this list of sleep disorder causes.


  • Melatonin: Melatonin is the hormone that controls circadian rhythm or sleep/wake cycle. It is also known as a sleeping hormone or darkness hormone. Blue bright light restricts the production of melatonin properly. This results in a reduction of melatonin content in the brain which makes you awake or insomniac. 
  • Brain alert: With the growing technology, the mobile phone has become a priority. Checking emails, watching the video, surfing through social media before bed is now the part of your daily life. This is engaging your brain in the technology trap and is making you alert. This alertness results in sleepless nights.
  • External factors: Checking mobile phones in between the sleep is also making a mark. Sleep is also disturbed by a phone call, text message or reminders at the time of sleeping. Mobile, phone radiation can affect your brain adversely. Keeping your phone out of your reach in the night is the only way you can help yourself.

Light and darkness are part of life. Light is need of the day and darkness is necessary for night. Since ages, the concept of darkness is linked to sleep but with technology and the advent of electricity, relationship with light and dark is changed. This is posing a serious challenge to sleep.

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Getting up till late in the night and using mobile phones is in trend these days but it is effecting your sleep and sleeplessness can give way to many other health problems like depression, weight gain, eating disorder, etc. It is in your best interest to avoid mobile phone use at night. 

Ways to ease sleep 

  • Mobile phone: Keep your mobile phone at bay especially during the night. Switch off your phone before going to bed so that it can not disturb your sleep during your sleep.
  • Darkness: Human body needs time to prepare for sleep. Dim the light of our room an hour before you go to bed. This will create an environment of healthy sleep and will not affect the melatonin which will, in turn, relax your mind.
  • Healthy Diet: Take balanced diet. Add fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet. Hydrate yourself. But do not drink too much water just before bed.
  • Routine: Prepare a schedule for yourself. Decide your sleeping and waking uptime. This will create a good habit of sleeping at the right time which will relax your mind.

Sleeping is the most important part of life. If sleep is disturbed, laziness, inactivity, headache, and other physical and mental problems can be seen. Darkness is what you need for sleeping properly. So, change your habit of using mobile phones at night. Even limit it for the day time too. Stay away from the harmful blue light of mobile phones and other electronic gadgets and go on technology detox mode. This will calm and relax your mind enhancing your sleeping ability.

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Written by: Onlymyhealth Staff Writer

Source: Onlymyhealth editorial team Jul 23, 2019

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