Stinky smell? 4 Simple Tips To Detect Body Odor

Stinky smell? 4 Simple Tips To Detect Body Odor
Stinky smell? 4 Simple Tips To Detect Body Odor

Body odor is generally produced due to sweating and bacteria growth. Most of the times, a person is not aware of the foul smell as self generated body odour is not easily detected. Read the article to detect your body odor and help yourself to get

Sweating is a natural way of regulating the body's temperature. However, it is followed by body odor and sticky skin. Every person has a distinct odor affected mainly by age, diet, health, and gender. It is also depended on the sweating capability of an individual. The human nose can detect one trillion different categories of the smell but unfortunately, it is not so good at detecting one's body odor. Your nose goes numb at your stinky odor.

Body odor 

  • Body odor is generally generated when the bacteria which is present on your skin breaks down the protein present in your sweat into different acids. It is the process of growth of bacteria on the skin that generates the stinky unpleasant odor.
  • Sometimes sweat doesn't come out from your body and a bad odor is produced. This is also because of excess bacteria. Armpits, groin, elbows are the main bad body odor places. Sometimes bad breath too is counted in the body odor category. 

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Although body odor is a natural phenomenon it can embarrass you at public spheres, lowering down your confidence and personality. Also, it is not easy to detect your odor, there are some ways you can detect your odor and work on it.

Ways to detect your body odor

Cloth test 

  • Check your clothes after use every day to detect the stinky odor. Smell every bit of your clothes so that you can detect your main bad odor area. It is a little problematic at the workplace, however, you can use the washroom to have a check on your stinky spots.
  • Pay special attention to the wet areas.
  • If you smell a little stinky odor from your clothes, others can smell it more. Instantly use wet wipes and put some deodorant at areas of body odor.

Breath test

The most common odor problem is your breath. It is generated due to certain foods and oral problems.

  • You can test your breath odor with hand.
  • Simply hold your hand in front of your mouth and exhale 2-3 times. You will be able to detect a bad odor if it is present.
  • Also, you can check your taste bud. If you feel a weird taste in your mouth, you are probably having a stinky breath odor.

Smell system change

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You need to regulate your olfactory system. The olfactory system is the sense of smell in the human body. 

  • Try smelling strong odor agents like coffee or mint. Smell them for a minute, then smell your armpit and another bacterial potential area.
  • You can also smell your elbow as it too contains sweat glands. 
  • You will find that bad odor if any after tricking your olfactory system.

Hair test

Sometimes, your body isn't the reason for bad odor but your hair is. The scalp is prone to sweating and that is the reason your hair needs to get washed twice or thrice in a week. Sweat is clogged in your hair scalp and as a result, produce a stinky smell. 

  • To test, wash your hand with hot water without using a soap and then run your fingers across your scalp several times. 
  • Now smell your fingers, you can find bad odor from your fingers due to the odor clogged in your scalp.

Eww!! wash them instantly.

Ways to reduce body odor

Body odor can be tackled with deodorant, wet wipes, and hygiene. There are times when this material doesn't work. Even deodorant is a dangerous way to tackle body odor as they are laden with chemicals. There are some natural remedies which will help in removing body odor not instantly but securely.

Tea tree oil and water : dilute some tea tress oil with water and apply this mixture on your armpits and affected areas daily. Within a week or two, you will find that your body odor has vanished.

Apple cider vinegar : Soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and apply it directly on the armpits, groin, and other sweat prone areas. You will see that this will not only reduces body order with time but will also remove the darkness which occurs in armpit and elbows.

Fenugreek (methi) seed : Soak fenugreek seeds in water overnight. Drink its water in the morning every day. Fenugreek seeds detoxify your body and also has anti-bacterial properties which will leave your body clean and odor-free.

Lemon : Apply lemon directly or use lemon juice on the sweat prone areas of your body and leave it for a couple of minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water. Lemon has acidic properties which prevent bacteria from growing.

Wash your hairs and maintain good hygiene. Wear cotton clothes during summer so that your sweat doesn't clog inside generating odor in your body. 

Body odor is common and you can get rid of them. So, don't worry just check your odor and try methods to remove the bad body odor.

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