The 20 Things No One Tells You About Owning a Home

The 20 Things No One Tells You About Owning a Home

Now that you've got a house, the responsibility of maintaining it kicks in.

Making big changes

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"Live in your home for 12 to 18 months before undertaking any major renovations such as additions or knocking down walls. What you initially think you want may change after you've lived there for a while." – Fran Carpentier. Get the real scoop on which home improvements are really worth the investment—you might pause before adding a pool.

Future development

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When you have a specific house in mind, think about potential developments. For example: If the home is near a busy road, will there be an expansion in the near future? If there is a lot of open space around the home, will more homes be built in the area soon? If there are several homes for sale in the neighborhood, are they selling quickly and who's moving in? It may be difficult to find concrete information about future developments. Read city council, county commissioners and planning, and zoning agendas and minutes for the location you're looking at to get an idea. Also, keep in mind the potential resale value of your future home because no one knows what the future holds and you may need to sell earlier than you imagined.

Buyers remorse is inevitable

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There's almost no way for a new homeowner to completely avoid buyer's remorse. The little pitfalls that come with buying a home can be stressful and drive you crazy. The good news is that it's all worth it! For all of its challenges, homeownership can be mentally and financially rewarding. No matter how stressful it gets, don't forget that you're not alone!

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