19 Jaw-Dropping Facts About Hummingbirds

19 Jaw-Dropping Facts About Hummingbirds

They shouldn't eat organic sugar

hummingbirdCourtesy Kathy Schlosser/Birds & Blooms

Pure white table sugar is the safest option for mixing nectar for hummingbirds. Many consider organic sugar, which doesn't tend to be fully refined to pure sucrose, unsafe for feeding birds. You should steer clear of brown sugar, powdered sugar, sugar substitutes, honey, red dye or any other ingredient but plain white sugar.

Its tongue is a useful tool

HummingbirdCourtesy Carl Leichtenberger/Birds Blooms

A hummingbird uses its tongue, which functions as a tiny pump, to suck the sought-after sweet liquid from feeders and flowers. These are the most majestic birds found in nature.

They migrate far

HummingbirdCourtesy Robert Howson/Birds Blooms

Rufous hummingbirds migrate farther than any other North American species. They travel 4,000 miles from Mexico to Alaska every spring.

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