Are You Making These 5 Hydration Mistakes? Tips To Avoid Them

Are You Making These 5 Hydration Mistakes? Tips To Avoid Them
Are You Making These 5 Hydration Mistakes? Tips To Avoid Them

To avoid the problem of dehydration, drinking water is not enough! Often people make some common mistakes to avoid hydration.

To keep the body healthy, not only foods but liquids too provide a huge contribution. Lack of fluids and water in the body can cause dehydration and several other problems. Dehydration often causes a lot of thirsts and even after drinking water, thirst is not quenched. Apart from this, many issues are faced like:

  • constipation
  • reduced blood pressure
  • frequent urination
  • muscle weakness
  • dryness of tongue and lips
  • headache 

Dehydration problems can happen to people of any age, but young children and adults fall prey to it. Let's know how you can get rid of dehydration (at home). Let's know the hydration mistakes you often make.

Not drinking enough water

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Men require about 3.7 liters of water every day and women require 2.7 liters of water every day. Every person has a different body type and they need different amounts of water. For example, if you are active or spend more time outside in the summer, you need more water than the person sitting at home all day.

Drinking water on an empty stomach

If you are suffering from dehydration problem then drinking (plain) water on an empty stomach can be harmful to you. In such a situation, other beverages like orange juice and milk can be helpful to keep you hydrated. Macronutrients and electrolytes help your body absorb water and maintain hydration. If you are trying to stay hydrated, drink water with food or snacks, it will not cause any deficiency of other nutrients in the body and you will be healthy.

Do not drink water after workouts

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Your body exhales during workouts and you need energy. Not drinking water before and after workouts can dehydrate you. When you do a workout, the water comes out of the body through sweat. Every person exhales different amounts of sweat from his body. So drinking water before and after workouts helps you stay hydrated.

Drink only water for hydration

Drinking less water indeed increases the risk of dehydration. But electrolytes, carbohydrates, and other minerals are also important for maintaining fluids. Minerals like potassium, sodium, and chloride help your cells absorb water. Lack of salt in the body can also increase the risk of dehydration. Therefore these electrolytes are present in most sports drinks.

Avoiding water-rich foods

To overcome the lack of water in the body, eat such foods which have high water content. To avoid dehydration, include water-rich fruits and vegetables such as: 

  • watermelon
  • papaya
  • orange
  • banana
  • cucumber
  • tomato
  • strawberry
  • grapefruit 

in your diet every day. Because they are rich in the mineral potassium, suitable for water and hydration. But also note that avoid eating chopped fruits, because doing so may also increase the risk of infection.

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