Do You Have Damaged teeth? Here’s A New Discovery Which Can Help Repair Your Teeth

Do You Have Damaged teeth? Here's A New Discovery Which Can Help Repair Your Teeth
Do You Have Damaged teeth? Here's A New Discovery Which Can Help Repair Your Teeth

We all are well informed about root canal therapy and other dentistry process, which are costly and painful. A new research has a solution for tooth repairing treatment using stem cells..

Smile is the thing which is noticed first by everyone you meet. Have you thought of smiling with a damaged set of teeth? It is quite embarrassing. Repairing of damaged teeth are often expensive, painful and requires a lot of care and precautions. A study published in Nature Conservation journal discovered a new method of tooth repair using stem cells. This discovery can be considered a cost-effective solution for tooth damage.

Symptoms of a damaged tooth

Injury, cavities and other reasons can damage teeth. As the decay and damage increases, it may show some signs and symptoms like:

  • Sensitivity of tooth
  • Toothache (spontaneous or apparent pain)
  • Visible holes and pits
  • Moderate to extreme pain during eating and drinking
  • Brown or black stain on the tooth surface

Causes of tooth decay

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Tooth decay occurs slowly, starting from the loss of tooth mineral (demineralisation) to damage of the whole teeth known as the cavity. Cavity occurs due to trapped food in the teeth or sugar consumption. Cavity and tooth decay is caused due to various reasons. Some of them are:

  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Plaque formation caused by attack bacteria, acid, food particles
  • Dryness of mouth
  • Overeating sugar
  • Some medical problems can also contribute to tooth decay.
  • Mouth injury also damages teeth

Stem Cells Tooth Repair Treatment

Stem cells have the potential to develop into many different cells in the body. Stem cell therapy targets a specified stem cell or tissue and helps in repairing the damaged cells and tissues. Stem cells therapy is known to heal wounds quickly as specialised cell types are developed throughout the body. A team of researchers found a mechanism that could help in offering a solution for tooth repair. The study discovered that a new population of mesenchymal stem cells (cells that make muscles and bones tissue) could contribute to the formation of tooth dentin (the hard tissue that covers the main body of teeth).

Also, a gene Dlk1 (encodes a protein and help in multiple growths) enhances stem cells activation and tissue regeneration resulting in tooth healing. This mechanism will help in providing a novel solution to tooth damage and can also deal with crumbling and trauma.

The study was conducted under Dr Bing Hu of the University of Plymouth's in collaboration with researchers throughout the world. There is a need to study this method little more to gain appropriate treatment duration and dose in humans as this study was conducted on mice. This will not only help in reducing the cost of tooth repairing treatment but can also lower down the pain and complication during the tooth repair process.

Save Your Teeth From Decay

As the famous saying goes, 'prevention is better than cure', it is best to work towards good oral hygiene. However, even if your teeth get damaged, stem cell therapy is an option. Here are some ways through which you can save yourself from tooth damage:

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Brushing: Brush your teeth regularly twice a day. Change your toothbrush every month for proper cleaning of teeth.

Toothpaste: It is a critical component of oral hygiene. Use toothpaste, which is triclosan-free, and it does not contain acidic components.

Food: Limit your sugar intake and try to wash your teeth after having food.

Visit the dentist: if you still find some problems in your oral health, consult a dentist. 

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