These 5 Home Remedies Will Make Your Home Smell Divine

These 5 Home Remedies Will Make Your Home Smell Divine
These 5 Home Remedies Will Make Your Home Smell Divine

The air inside your home and offices is also no less toxic. Even if you stay indoors, the surroundings around you are enough to make you sick

It is often said that many people fall ill due to staying outdoors outside. However, this may not be the case every time. Not just outdoors, your home or office surroundings may be equally toxic for your health. Toxic air circulating inside the house is also enough to make you sick. It is essential to keep your surroundings clean and clear for good health. Healthy surroundings promote good health.

Who does not like a clean house? However, what looks clean does not mean that it is clean. Apart from maintaining essential cleanliness, it is also necessary to ensure that your home and office space smells good. Bad smell at indoor spaces is a significant source of illness in several people. There are many ways to keep your surroundings clean and smell divine. Following are some home remedies that can help lend a heavenly fragrance to your abode.

Open Windows And Doors

Most of the home heating and cooling systems only reassemble the air already in the house. Even though your home is clean, your surroundings may have dust, dirt, and pollen due to air conditioners and heaters. If the weather conditions are favourable, it is advisable to keep your doors and windows open to bring in the fresh air. It is common to experience pungent odour at homes due to cooking, mosquito repellent sprays or burning of wood. To cater to such exigencies, let fresh air circulate in your surroundings.

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Keep A Check On The Cleaning Products

Some cleansers contain harsh chemicals, which can cause problems like breathing, allergies and even asthma. Before buying any cleaning agent for home, please do read the label carefully and stay away from products that contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), pungent fragrances or inflammable ingredients. You can make your cleanser for the home with soapy water, vinegar or baking soda. Opt for natural products, which are readily available at home. Lemon also makes for a great air freshener.

Keep Potted Plants In Your House

It is always beneficial to have plants at home to enhance oxygen levels indoors. Also, it cleanses the air from harmful components and makes your house look pretty. English ivy, ficus trees, lilies and certain types of plants which keep the air clean and healthy. Also, one should look out for plants, which can survive indoors rather than blindly buying plants for home.

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Keep The Bathrooms Clean

Bathrooms attract the most amounts of toxins in the house. If there is fungus or accumulation of dirt in the bathroom, it can directly affect your health. All this can cause allergic symptoms such as cough, nose irritation, or problems with breathing. The fungus can be quickly grown in moist surroundings, so keep the bathroom dry and clean. Turn on the fan or open the window to let it dry fast after use. Also, do not hang wet towels in the bathroom. If you notice mold in the tub or other areas, you may need to clean it more often.

Lastly; use mild air fresheners at home to ensure that your house smells good and divine.

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Written by: Vani Malik

Source: Onlymyhealth editorial team Aug 15, 2019

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