Tips To Keep A Check On Your Stress Level

Tips To Keep A Check On Your Stress Level
Tips To Keep A Check On Your Stress Level

Here we are providing you a few tips to keep a check on your stress level.

Have you ever thought to check or calculate your stress? Today we will discuss how to check your stress or how you feel about your state of mind. Anywhere, in your home, office, metro, you can check your stress without any machine. But why is checking so important? Because of the things you cannot check, you cannot even improve. Clarity is very important to check. I have observed that all people talk about stress, that I have lots of stress but many mean what and how much? There is no clarity.

It is very important to have clarity in life 

Let me give you a real example to understand the clarity. I asked someone how much water you drink? He told me that "I drink lots of water". Then I asked how many liters of water you drink, he said "2 liters in the day". But the according to his body and his lifestyle, he was to drink 4 liters of water. He does not have the clarity, that he was drinking the water only half of their body, but according to them, their body was getting enough of water, so why would they drink more of it? when they got to know the clarity in numbers, only then he realized that he was not drinking the right amount of water.

When it was clear that he was not taking enough water, he could check after 4 liters, then he could improvise, not before. Whenever things in your life or lifestyle will not be in the numbers, their approach will not be scientific. Just like that God has given you a number of your life. As you might have heard, God has given us a breath of counting. If you take breath faster, then your life will be reduced soon. Why am I talking about breathing? You will observe that whenever you are in stress your breadth is moving fast.

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Let's understand it with a situation. When you fight with someone, you will find that your breath is running very fast, but even you haven't run, then why this happened? Your breath was fast because of the increase in time stress. So one thing is clear. If the breath is fast, then you are in stress. If the breath is fast, then life will diminish. But why does your body take a quick breath? Because of the advancement of your brain.

Your Brain is an Advanced Machine

Your brain is an advance machine made by God. If you are in stress, its temperature increases very much and it starts heating up. Whenever you are stressed, your head will be hot on touching. By getting too hot, the brain will not be able to work properly. So to overcome it, the brain demands more air to normalize the temperature of the brain, so you take fast breaths. You can notice, whenever you take breathe, it is cold and when you breathe out, it is hot. If the stress is high, then you can leave more hot breaths.

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How to check the stress

Now we talk about a method of checking the level of stress, which is named - 1 min N BS meaning 1 min natural breathing count. Natural means which body is taking itself. You are not shortening your breath or growing yourself. You can adjust your stress level in 1 minute as your body has taken natural breaths.

Let's take 20 breaths in 1 minute. Now we understand how to check the level of stress. Take a stopwatch and then run a minute timer in it, along with how much natural the breath you took in that minute you have to do the counting. So look at today's lifestyle, if you are breathing 16 - 24 in 1 minute, then you are in good condition. If 24 - 32 breaths, then you should definitely do yoga and meditation. If you take more than 32 breaths, then Yog, meditation in your life and whoever takes your meditation in doing it, giving it the first place in life is impractical.

You can also crosscheck your stress level. For this, first of all, measure your stress level. Then you do OM uchcharana for 21 minutes. And then check again the stress level. You will find that your stress level has already decreased.

For whom it is not useful

Yes, an important thing, it will not be useful for those who eat sleeping pills or medicines to reduce stress. Then this thing is not useful for a fully qualified yogi. He cannot even complete one breath in one minute or even a lot of breath.

(With inputs from Sankalp, Fitness, and Lifestyle Expert, CEO, GOOD WAYS FITNESS)

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Written by: Tavishi Dogra

Source: Onlymyhealth editorial team Aug 02, 2019

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