12 Best True Crime Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

12 Best True Crime Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

The first thing you have to decide when selecting a true crime podcast is whether you want to delve deeply into one true crime over the course of a season (or even an entire series), or whether you prefer to collect the more topline details of many true crime stories. Whichever you choose, we've got you covered.

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The standard-bearer for both categories of true-crime podcast, the first season of Serial explored the 1999 murder of Baltimore high school student, Hae Min Lee, including the questionable conviction of Lee's boyfriend. Its second season upped the international scale, focusing on Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, an American Army soldier held captive by the Taliban for five years before the U.S. charged him with desertion. Its third season abandoned its namesake format to explore the American justice system through a weekly cross-section of the cases that pass through Cleveland's criminal courts. If you love true-crime podcasts, you'll obsess over these 20 baffling cases that stumped forensic experts.

Missing and Murdered in the Midwest

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It's not that we're picking on the midwest here. It's just that the midwest's combination of "poverty and plains" seems to set the stage. M and M in M is new as of the summer of 2019, but the episodes thus far have brought passionate detail and haunting unanswered questions from stories previously covered in the news. One example is the chilling case of the swimsuit-clad 11-year-old Trudy Appleby, who climbed into a gray sedan 23 years ago and was never seen again.

Southern Fried True Crime

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The past two decades have seen a growing interest in what some refer to as true crime that takes place in the swamps, mountains, and suburbs of the South. Based on the enthusiastic reception given to Erica Kelley's newish Southern Fried True Crime podcast, it seems there's something inexplicably compelling about the juxtaposition of warm, Southern charm blended with chilling, gothic crime. Kelley humbly characterizes her approach as "layman," but don't let that fool you: this podcast is highly detailed and thoroughly researched, and meticulously sourced.

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