14 Normal Things Astronauts Can’t Do in Space

14 Normal Things Astronauts Can't Do in Space

In space, astronauts may have more problems than Houston wants to hear about. As for the amount of these problems, the sky's the limit, but for now we'll just stick to 14.

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Astronauts can't cry

A tear on eyelashes and cheek.Afanasiev Andrii/Shutterstock

Imagine you've been in space for the last 100 earth days and you're video chatting with your family that you miss dearly—or maybe your wife even had a baby as astronaut Randy Bresnik's did while he was orbiting the Earth. If you shed a tear, it won't roll dramatically down your cheek like it would on Earth. Instead, the tears would form a Jell-o-like blob under your eye because there's no gravity to pull it down, as explained by astronaut Chris Hadfield.

Astronauts can't take a steamy shower…

shower droplets close upjohnfoto18/Shutterstock

Or shower at all, for that matter. Water is h-e-a-v-y and expensive to lift outside of Earth's gravitational field, David Donovan, PhD., physics department head and professor at Northern Michigan University tells Reader's Digest. "Bathing daily is kind of new world thing. In the past people didn't do that," Donovan adds. But when they need to, astronauts wash their hair like this. What's even cooler: the excess water that escapes from hair-washing is turned into drinking water through a water processing system.

Astronauts can't use the bathroom the regular way

New ceramic toilet bowl near light wallNew Africa/Shutterstock

Us earthlings take many things for granted, including being able to use the bathroom without floating away. Astronauts have to strap into the toilet to ensure everything ends up in the right place. If not, a hilariously embarrassing scenario unfolds: the corralling of the "brown trout," Donovan spills. This is when astronauts chase down floating human excrement that missed the toilet.

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