14 Red Flags You Can’t Trust A Dog Breeder

14 Red Flags You Can't Trust A Dog Breeder

A reputable dog breeder is an expert in the breed they're selling and cares for their dogs in the same way you will. Here's how you can tell a real breeder from a wannabe, or even worse, a "puppy mill."

They don't "vet" you

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Puppy mills are all about profit, so it doesn't matter to them where their puppies end up. A legitimate, responsible dog breeder will always check out your credentials before allowing you to take a dog home, according to the Humane Society. Questions will include:

  • Why do you want a dog?
  • Why do you want this breed?
  • Who in your household will be responsible for the dog's care and training?
  • Do you have other pets? How will this dog fit into the family?

A reputable dog breeder might go so far as to require you to provide "references" to vouch for your fitness as a dog owner. Here's a guide to picking the best dog breed for you and your family.

All they require from you is payment

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A responsible dog breeder recognizes that dog breeding is an art and a science, and the average dog owner is not in any position to be breeding dogs on their own, says the Humane Society. Accordingly, in most cases, a responsible dog breeder will require you to agree—in writing—that you will spay or neuter your dog. An exception would be if you are purchasing a "show" dog for the purpose of showing him or her.

They won't show you where they keep their dogs

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"You should be able to visit the breeder's home or kennel," advises the American Kennel Club (AKC). And you should take them up on it, rather than meeting with them in another location, no matter how convenient it might be for you. Once there, feel free to be judgemental about the conditions. Consider it a red flag if the answer to any of the following questions isn't yes:

  • Are the premises clean?
  • Do the premises smell clean?
  • Do the other animals on the premises appear happy and well-fed?

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