22 Cars with the Best Fuel Economy—and 5 with the Worst

22 Cars with the Best Fuel Economy—and 5 with the Worst

With gas prices fluctuating more than ever and long road trips never more enticing, fuel-efficient cars are in demand. Here are the most—and least—fuel-efficient cars on the road today.

Most Fuel Efficient Hatchbacks

BMW i3 Giga

bmw i3 electric carvia bmwusa.com

It technically ranks as the most fuel-efficient per a new Consumer Reports survey, and the way Car and Driver describes the i3's Giga World package with its, "eucalyptus wood trim, leather-and-wool seating surfaces, and 19-inch wheels," sounds eco-luxurious but this pricey electric BMW also comes standard with a heavy dose of range anxiety (fear that you won't make it to your destination before your charge runs out). With a base price of $44, 450 and six-hours needed to fully charge before you start using another 153 miles of driving range, you may find yourself wishing there was a less-sexy eco-friendly vehicle in your driveway instead.

Toyota Prius Prime

toyota prius primevia toyota.com

The best-selling PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) year-to-date according to InsideEvs.com offers not only class-leading fuel-efficiency but also a long list of famous Toyota safety features and, surprisingly, ample cargo space for a small hatchback. However, those benefits come at a cost, specifically $27,350 for a base model Prius Prime, which while lofty compared to non-hybrid hatchbacks, is, in fact, comparable to its eco-peer group according to US News & World Report. Great gas mileage and guaranteed to last a long time? The Toyota Prius is one of the cars that will last you 250,000 miles.

Most Fuel Efficient Subcompact Cars

Mitsubishi Mirage ES

mirage esvia mitsubishicars.com

Fuel-efficiency at a low cost, would be the title of a Mitsubishi's review but the very next line would reiterate, "but at a cost." As Consumer Reports notes, "[the Mirage] rock-bottom sticker price (starting at under $14,000) and thrifty fuel economy of 37 mpg overall conjure an inviting image of an economical runabout. But that mirage quickly dissipates when driving this tiny, tinny car." Most notably, this is because of a "weak, vibrating three-cylinder engine that delivers sluggish acceleration and a raspy chorus of lament, or the car's clumsy handling."

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