Ayurvedic Remedy For A Healthy Bowel: Improve your Bowel Movement with Harde

Ayurvedic Remedy For A Healthy Bowel: Improve your Bowel Movement with Harde
Ayurvedic Remedy For A Healthy Bowel: Improve your Bowel Movement with Harde

Change in food, water and surroundings can leave you with an upset bowel movement. More than relying on  medicines, Ayurveda has some tried and tested herbs, which can regulate a healthy bowel movement

A disturbed digestive system can give you sleepless nights and taking an overdose of pills can further add to the woes. Overdose of medicines can even lead to resistance in the body, in most cases. In Indian homes, Ayurveda is considered as a great way to address several health woes. There are several Ayurvedic herbs, which help in regulating the bowel movement by providing relief from its symptoms. It is righteously said that Ayurveda has a solution to everything and harde is one such herb, which is supposed to be one of the best digestive supplements. Decoding the herb further, here are a few properties of harde. The properties of harde constitute to be:

  • Virya which means 'action'
  • Guna which means 'qualities'
  • Rasa which means 'sweat', 'sour', 'salty', 'bitter'

'The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies' by Dr Vasant Lad states that constipation is a vata composition. In constipation, the symptoms arise due to insufficient fibre, and less intake of water in the body. To treat such conditions, harde is some extremely beneficial properties to address stomach and stool-related issues.

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Bowel Cleanser

This magical herb is said to increase the frequency of your stool. Due to frequent passing of stool, there is hardly any scope of constipation, stomach bloating and pain. Also used as an alternative to Triphala in many cases, this magical herb helps in slowing down the ageing process, increases longevity and provides immunity and resistance to the body. Adding more to the list, this herb is also used for curing hoarseness in voice, asthma and tuberculosis.

The following symptoms of IBS can be relieved by consuming this herb:

  • Abdominal pain and cramping
  • Irritable changes in the bowel movement
  • Intolerance to several food items, including milk and milk products
  • Gas and excessive bloating of stomach
  • Constipation and Diarrhea

Just like every other herb of Ayurveda, this digestive cleanser not only leads to a better digestive system but also provides strength to the immunity system. Said to be one of the best nervine tonic, it also works magic on eyes.

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Appropriate Dose

However, It is always advisable to consult an expert before taking anything. Even though harde is packed with benefits, its dosage should be limited. In a day, 3-4gms of harde should be consumed. Anything more than that can be dangerous for the body in a longer run.

Regular complaints of ingestion, overindulgence in sexual activities, alcohol, drugs and other poisonous substances should limit their consumption of this herb. Also, consult a physician before taking any herb in regular practice. 

This herb is nothing but merely natural and magical. One can get rid of almost all diseases, have a smooth digestive system; get cured of all the ailments without getting addicted to it. Just a little caution is required in terms of the limit of consumption. Also, there is no age limit to take this herb. Only kids below five years of age should be given this herb only under a physician's supervision.

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