Causes Of Spondylitis In Youth: Know-How Ayurveda Helps In Curing The Disease

Causes Of Spondylitis In Youth: Know-How Ayurveda Helps In Curing The Disease
Causes Of Spondylitis In Youth: Know-How Ayurveda Helps In Curing The Disease

What causes juvenile ankylosing spondylitis in youth? Researchers don't know the exact cause of JAS. It tends to run in families. A gene marker called HLA-B27 is found in almost all Caucasians and half of of African Americans who have the disease.

Spondylitis, a disease often turned synonymous to old age has unfortunately stuck with an increasing number of youths these days. Around 1 out of 100 youths are affected by this problem and particularly the men. This medical situation involves an inflammatory condition which:

  • heavily harms the joints
  • reduces their flexibility
  • damages the ligaments
  • can even be a risk of loss of mobility

While the symptoms begin with:

  • extreme backaches or pain in the pelvic region joints
  • neck & shoulder stiffness

their constant rise leads to a severe fall in the person's productiveness and could also result in some serious psychological issues. Mohamad Yusuf N Shaikh, Founder of Kudrati Ayurved Health Center said, "Some of the main causes making this problem occur so early in the bodily system include:

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  • a sedentary lifestyle
  • untimely rest schedules
  • lack of essential nutrients
  • least indulgence in physical workouts

The problem of spondylitis is severe so we will throw light on each of the aforementioned causes to make the detection and diagnosis of the problem easy for the youths."

Mohamad Yusuf N Shaikh, further added, "This is one of the main causes that have led to the rise of the joint and muscle-related problem in the youths. An alarming amount of:

  • time spent with TV and other electronic devices
  • untimely diet
  • obesity
  • smoking
  • drinking alcohol
  • consuming tobacco products

These habits need an urgent change because it is during the age gap of 16-30 that the body develops the most and if the body's immune isn't maintained at this stage then the way ahead will be full of rough patches only. Ergonomics at home and workstations also make a huge difference to the problem.

  • Lightning
  • placement of the device on which one is working
  • positioning of pillows, cushions, and backrest

all play a major role in improving the comfort to the crucial body joints."

The youths majorly are bundled up with hectic work schedules with little to no rest schedules lined up. The stress and performance pressure is at rife at this age but putting up the best of the work on the table by regularly compromising with the rest isn't beneficial for a person in the long-run. Ideally, it's advised:

  • to take a break from the work every 30 minutes
  • (in case if it is not possible) then ensuring an hourly break is a must
  • forget not to take a daily sleep of at least 5-6 hours as not only will it calm the mental stress down but will also help the aggravated joints and muscles to relax and get better prepared for the next day's struggle

Today's youths get so much indulged into technology and work routines that they forget to maintain even a nutritious diet. They are mostly into hogging junk foods that generally lack many of the crucial nutrients. Spondylitis hits the body due to the absence or less presence of nutrients like:

  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B12
  • Calcium
  • Protein

People need to urgently keep a check on the body's level of nutrition intake and maintain adequate levels otherwise problem of spondylitis is just a beginning and the the situation could further worsen up to a stage when one won't be able to do even simple bodily movements.

(Inputs provided by Mr. Mohamad Yusuf N Shaikh, Founder Of Kudrati Ayurved Health Center)

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