Dengue Virus Becoming Resistant To Many Vaccines? Let's Find Out

Dengue Virus Becoming Resistant To Many Vaccines? Let's Find Out
Dengue Virus Becoming Resistant To Many Vaccines? Let's Find Out

Every year, lakhs of people are getting a vaccination for dengue virus. However, a new study reveals how this virus is becoming resistant to the vaccine

While creating a new vaccine for dengue, a new approach has been discovered. Researchers found that dengue virus mutations change their shape and survive despite various therapies and vaccines as well. Dengue virus DENV2 remains alive even when in contact with the vaccine and develops on a smooth circular protein shield around. Mosquitoes carry dengue Virus DENV2 with their body temperature at 29 Degree Celsius. Due to this ability to change shapes and appearance, the dengue virus has the capacity of quickly affecting the immune system. The most important here is to understand the mechanism of dengue virus for the vaccines and therapies to work.

In a study published in the PLOS Pathogens Journal, Ni Shi Lim mentions that the structural change in the dengue virus makes the vaccine against the virus and other medical practices ineffective.

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Dengue On Rise, Again

So far 169 new cases have been confirmed in Delhi from October first week. Doctors are of the viewpoint that the way to cases is increasing, dengue will be more widespread this season. Dengue fever, in many instances, can prove fatal due to delayed or incorrect treatment. Dengue spreads mostly during the rainy season between July to October as there are favourable conditions for mosquitoes to thrive in this season.

The vaccine could prove useful in changing the appearance of mosquito. The team of researchers examined four strains of DENV2 taken from dengue patients and found that most clinical strains maintained a smooth surface structure even at 37 ° C, compared to the virus in the laboratory. However, during the study, the temperature of this dengue virus strains changed. Therefore, if an attempt is made to prevent the disease through a vaccine, then patients need to be given such a vaccine, which can prove effective against the smooth surface virus.

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Cleaning the house periodically is very important to keep mosquitoes away. Especially if there is water around your home, it is necessary to get rid of it. Mosquito bites cause many diseases in which dengue, malaria are common. Another common mosquito-borne disease is zika. Most cases of zika do not show symptoms initially, which makes it difficult to diagnose. Redness of the eyes, fever, joint pain is its symptoms. Pregnant women and infants are at higher risk. The disease spreads more in Southeast Asia, Brazil, Caribbean countries and South and Central America.

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