Do You Throw Up Frequently While Working Out? You May Be Having Exercise-Induced Nausea

Do You Throw Up Frequently While Working Out? You May Be Having Exercise-Induced Nausea
Do You Throw Up Frequently While Working Out? You May Be Having Exercise-Induced Nausea

It is common to throw up during working out. There can be several reasons behind it. Get to know what causes exercise-induced nausea

There is a gamut of emotions that we undergo while working out. For those who are into an intense workout, they often feel the need to puke. While exercising, it is a must to reap all excellent benefits. However, exercise-induced nausea makes anyone extremely uncomfortable. Our body is nothing less than a fine-tuned machine, which reacts in a specific manner if a proper schedule is not followed. To reap the maximum benefits of working out, it is essential to know how and when to exercise and what to do before an intense workout session.

What Is Exercise-Induced Nausea

Exercise-induced nausea is a feeling of sickness or vomiting, which happens mostly immediately after a workout session. It can occur either due to over-exercising, putting an abrupt end to an intense workout session or even due to irregular diet before hitting the gym. Those mostly involved in aerobics, Zumba or even bicycling often complain of such symptoms.

There are several reasons due to which you can experience exercise-induced nausea. Read below to know a few common reasons for this syndrome:

Eating or drinking before a workout

It much depends on what and how you eat or drink before a workout session. In several cases, nausea mostly happens when the blood flows towards the muscles, hampering the digestion. If you have had anything 2 hours before working out, blood flow reduction in the GI tract may lead to nausea, dizziness. This can also be a reason of dehydration as the body requires fluids before, while and after a workout session to compensate for sweating. To not get this feeling, do not eat anything right before working out. Even if you are hungry, eat food, which can be digested easily. Avoid fatty and high in protein food items as they take longer to digest.

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Exercising In Heat

It is a myth that if we use without an AC or a fan, we will sweat double and lose fat even more. Exercising in heated surroundings can lead to acute dehydration and low blood pressure. In exercises, which require a heated room, instructors often encourage participants to take ample breaks and take fluids as and when possible. While working out in such condition, be sure to hydrate yourself thoroughly. When feeling a little fuzzy, slow down and take a break. Let your body cool down. Then only start again with the exercise.

Working Out Way Too Much

There are cases when people get unconscious in the gym after an intense workout. This can be primarily because of pushing yourself way beyond the body capacity. Working out is good for the body and mind, only if it is done as per the body's stamina and pressure-handling capability.

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Dip In BP Levels

Working out early morning means eating something before heading for a workout. Working out empty stomach is a bad idea as the blood sugar levels of the body are already low, after fasting the whole night. If you think you can eat after a workout and have a comfortable workout session, then you are entirely mistaken. Routines like swimming and weight lifting use up all the glucose of the body. Make sure your pre-workout foods are easy to digest and may keep you full for a longer duration. Go for lean protein, nuts, etc. before a workout session.

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