The 15 Best Dogs for Apartment Living

The 15 Best Dogs for Apartment Living

If you're looking to adopt a furry friend and want to make sure they're one of the best apartment dogs, check out the list below.

The best apartment dog for you

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Before adopting a new dog it's important to think about what breed will best fit into your lifestyle. Your living arrangements play a big part in that. If you live in an apartment you need to take into consideration how much space you have, the rules of your apartment, how noisy the area you live in is, and how much time you have to exercise your pup. You're most likely not going to be able to open your back door and let your dog run around in the grass, and longer walks to open spaces will be required to keep your dog in good health. That being said, any breed of dog can live in an apartment as long as you give it the care and attention it deserves and needs to stay healthy; however, these dog breeds, provided by Nicole Ellis, Rover's resident dog trainer on The Dog People Panel, are slightly better suited for high-rise living.

King Charles Cavaliers

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The King Charles Cavalier is one of the best dogs for apartment living. They are very sweet dogs the acclimate well to inner situations and locations, says Ellis. They require some exercise but also love to snuggle up on the couch with you. If you want to get a new dog, but you're on a budget, check out this list of the most (and least) expensive dog breeds.

Irish Wolfhounds

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Irish Wolfhounds are leggy and long, so Ellis recommends always watching where you step if you're living in close quarters in case they're sleeping near you. They're also very sweet and calm dogs.

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