This Is Our Secret Weapon for Cleaning off Burned-On Food

This Is Our Secret Weapon for Cleaning off Burned-On Food Baked on food residue; baking greese on pan; Burnt food on baking sheet Taste of Home

Ever wonder how to get burned-on foods off your pans? It can seem impossible, but with the right tool, your favorite cookie sheets, frying pans and baking pans can look just like new.

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Is there anything more disappointing than ruining your favorite baking sheet with baked-on, stuck-on messes? I, for one, have tossed more ruined cookie sheets than I'd care to admit. It seemed no matter how long I soaked them or scrubbed at them, they just wouldn't get clean. Learning how to clean pans ruined by burned-on foods became my goal. I needed a miracle product to help me save my sheets.

I'm sure that many home cooks have experienced the same thing. That's why expert testers at our sister site Taste of Home took a good look at eight cleaning products designed to remove burned-on messes of all kinds. Armed with some of the dirtiest baking sheets you could find, a sponge and all these cleaning products, testers got to work finding the best solution to this stubborn cleaning problem.

The Best Product for Cleaning off Burned-on Food: Goo Gone Kitchen Degreaser


After trying eight different sprays, Goo Gone's Kitchen Degreaser came out on top. This easy-to-use spray formula was the testers' favorite for cleaning burned-on food from pans. Using just a Scotch-Brite sponge and a normal amount of elbow grease, we were able to clean the dirtiest pans in about 40 seconds with just a single spritz of Goo Gone. That's not too much work for saving a favorite pan!

However, this product proved to be useful all across the kitchen. Goo Gone Kitchen Degreaser can be used on pots, pans, stovetops, sinks and more. That definitely makes the investment in this cleaning product worth it. Plus, the easy spray bottle makes using this cleaning product a breeze.

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Our Other Favorite Products for Tackling Tough-to-Clean Pans


Method Heavy Duty Degreaser

A close second to Goo Gone was Method's Heavy Duty Degreaser. This spray is plant-based and nontoxic—great for folks trying to go green at home. When it came to performance, Method worked almost as well as testers' favorite brand, though they had to give the pan an extra spray or two with this solution. Also worth noting: this formula can't be used on glass cooktops, marble or aluminum.

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Looking for a good clean on a budget? Look no further than classic cleaner Comet. This scouring powder cleaned up the pans in about 90 seconds. Testers liked Comet because it is affordable and it can be used on countless surfaces across the home like porcelain, stainless steel, ceramic and more. This is a bit of a harsh cleanser, though, so be sure to wear gloves and rinse thoroughly.

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Taste of Home

The Bottom Line

When it comes to cleaning an exceptionally dirty pan, you'll definitely want to rely on a store-bought cleaner. They have the grime-fighting power and chemical formulas needed to cut through tough messes. If your pan is only a little dingy, you can definitely use this easy home remedy, but it's helpful to have a bottle of Goo Gone, Comet, or Method Heavy Duty Degreaser around for when your baking sheets and pans get seriously dirty.

More Ways to Use Goo Gone at Home

These heavy-duty degreasers like Goo Gone and Method are incredibly useful all across the kitchen. Don't limit yourself to just your pans! Spritz your stovetop with a bit of Goo Gone to remove all those stuck-on messes. Or use Method Heavy Duty Degreaser to clean the inside of your microwave. Check out these cleaning tips to get your kitchen clean from top to bottom in basically 5 minutes.

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