13 Recipes Nearly as Easy as Boiling Water

13 Recipes Nearly as Easy as Boiling Water

Do you have two left spatulas when it comes to cooking? Fear not—these recipes couldn't be easier!

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Yes, you can cook

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It's no secret that cooking, while often rewarding, can be a drag at times. But some recipes are probably way easier than you think—and not just notoriously low-effort recipes like pasta and scrambled eggs. And for some of them, you will need certain kitchen apparatus such as a Dutch oven or a cast-iron skillet. But the ingredients, and the combination thereof, are pretty much as easy as it gets. And should you run into trouble, we'e got 17 fixes for the most common cooking disasters.

Shrimp cocktail


If you want to make this super-simple, delicious appetizer, you probably head to the store for a jar of cocktail sauce. But you might not realize how easy it actually is to make from scratch. This recipe, you will need a Dutch oven for—if you don't have one yet, we like this one. But putting the recipe itself together is crazy easy! You combine eight super-simple ingredients, including onion, parsley, salt, and thyme, in a Dutch oven and simmer them with the shrimp. Making the sauce is easy too: All you have to do is combine the ingredients (including chili sauce, Worcestershire sauce, horseradish, and cayenne pepper) and chill them!

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