Auto Brewery Syndrome: Is It Possible To Brew Alcohol In The Stomach?

Auto Brewery Syndrome: Is It Possible To Brew Alcohol In The Stomach?

Have you ever heard of an incident where alcohol is produced in the gut of a person? This rare medical condition is known as Auto Brewery Syndrome. In this case, the patient shows all the signs of alcoholism even if he/she hasn't drink even a bit of it. This condition is extremely rare where only a few cases have been found worldwide. This article is all about this syndrome, its causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and more.

What Is Auto Brewery Syndrome?

Also referred to as 'drunkenness disease', is a gut fermentation syndrome where endogenous ethanol fermentation takes place in the human body. This rare disease leaves you drunk or intoxicated without drinking alcohol.

It so happens that the body starts to produce high quantities of ethanol due to endogenous fermentation in the gut. The body of the person starts to convert carbohydrates, mainly sugar and starch into alcohol. This is why it makes you dizzy all the time without alcohol consumption. 

In an instance, a woman was caught by the traffic police under the drunk driving cases. In the test, it was found that her blood had four times the alcohol permitted by the law. Upon diagnosing further, she was found positive for auto-brewery syndrome.

Auto brewery syndrome

Causes Of Auto Brewery Syndrome 

It is very difficult to diagnose this condition and oftentimes it is mistaken for other issues.

The only cause of this disease is the overproduction of yeast in the stomach. Brewer's yeast, candida kefyr, candida glabrata and candida albicans are the four kinds of yeast that cause auto-brewery syndrome.

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Symptoms of auto brewery syndrome

Auto brewery syndrome

  • Some of the common symptoms of this syndrome are:
  • Feeling drunk without consuming any alcoholic beverage
  • Feeling highly intoxicated even after drinking a very small amount

Other frequently occurring symptoms are:

  • Dizziness
  • Continuous headaches
  • Feeling dehydrated
  • Dry mouth
  • Disorientation
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Fatigue
  • Belching or Burping
  • Mood swings
  • Memory issues

In the worst case, this syndrome can cause critical health issues like:

Auto brewery syndrome

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Who are at risk of auto brewing syndrome?

Both children and adults can have auto brewing syndrome as it is not related to age or gender. It solely depends on the health of the person. The symptoms of this disease are similar in both kids and adults.

Nobody is born with this rare syndrome but it develops with time due to certain triggers.

Sometimes it is caused due to improper liver functions where the liver cannot flush out alcohol from the body. Even a minute amount would multiply yeast production in the gut. In one case, a three-year-old girl was diagnosed with this rare disease where she would get high after drinking fruit juice.

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