Have You Heard About Side-Effects Of Papaya? Know Them All

Have You Heard About Side-Effects Of Papaya? Know Them All

Papaya is one of the most loved fruits. This juicy and fleshy orange fruit is a powerhouse of nutrients with low calorie and high fiber. This makes it good for health but do you know that papaya does have some side-effects too? While papaya is associated with body detoxification, weight loss, anti-inflammation, etc. there are certain downsides of eating it daily. Pregnant women are strictly advised to not consume papaya as it can cause miscarriage. There are a few more adverse effects that we don't know papaya can cause, read them all here.

1. Overconsumption of papaya can block food pipe 

It is certainly good to have papaya but in limited quanity. We understand you might love eating it but it is better to eat in moderation as its overconsumption can block your oesophagus. This organ helps the food to reach the stomach. If this gets blocked, it would affect your digestion as well.


2. May cause allergic reactions

Eating green or unripe papaya may trigger an allergy in some people. The latex content of papaya causes allergy which can lead to itchiness, redness, mouth ulcers, indigestion, etc. Therefore, it is better to avoid consuming unripe papaya and if you are eating it, then better be cautious.

3. Risk of miscarriage

Do you know why pregnant women are advised to not consume papaya? It is because papaya is associated with the risk of abortion. It can cause uterine contractions which can affect the unborn in the womb. Therefore, it is necessary for expecting and breastfeeding mothers to completely avoid eating either ripe or unripe papaya fruit.


4. Affects male fertility

It is said that male fertility can be hampered with the consumption of papaya fruit. It also decreases the sperm count as well as sperm mobility in some cases. Although this is not for all men, it varies. It depends on the overall health and internal functions of the person.

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5. May lower blood sugar

For the patients of low blood pressure, papaya is not safe. Also, those who are taking BP medicines should avoid this fruit in order to avert other serious health risks. It lowers down blood sugar levels which may complicate the condition and adversely affect health.


6. It might be toxic

Papaya has benzyl isothiocyanate which is a toxic element. This won't cause trouble in smaller quantity but if you exceed the consumption, it will spread toxicity in the entire body. This is why you must not eat papaya in large quantities.

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7. May cause health defects in kids

Papaya leaves contain papain which is linked with birth defects in kids, especially infants. This is one of the reasons why pregnant women shouldn't eat papaya during and after pregnancy. Some doctors also say that the mother shouldn't eat papaya while she is breastfeeding.

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