Mental Illness: Myths and Facts That We All Should Know About

Mental Illness: Myths and Facts That We All Should Know About

There are several myths and facts when it comes to mental illness. People think it to be a supernatural phenomenon, where in most cases taking the treatment is considered to be the last resort. However, getting treated for mental illnesses is extremely important for a healthy mind and body. White Swan Foundation, a non-profit organisation that offers knowledge services in the area of mental health, busts some famous myths and facts about mental illness: 

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Myth: Mental health problems occur in weak people.

Fact: Mental health has no relation to your 'mental strength'. More than anything, it is the personality traits that matter. Mental illness can occur due to social, genetic, biological, environmental, and psychological reasons.

Myth: Mental health patients can easily control their symptoms and get back to normal life? 

Fact: Mental health indeed has to do with the brain. Plus, recovery depends on the person's response and also the willingness to take help from experts. The recovery is more of the brain as that's what controls the body and its functioning. Proper care and treatment are essential to treat any mental illness.

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Myth: I can never have any mental health issue? I am always happy and jolly...

Fact: Mental illness can affect anyone. There is an increase in cases of common mental health illnesses. Anyone can get affected by mental health issues. It can happen to a person of any age, caste, creed, cultures, etc. One must look at proper and timely treatment and not hide their condition.

Myth: Therapy and counselling don't help people with mental illness. You cannot talk them out of it.

Fact: Therapy and counselling are an integral part of the recovery process of most mental health problems. While in some cases, therapy or counselling would suffice, in others, medication is required.

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Myth: Mental health issues have no treatment. They remain as it is.

Fact: Mental health problems can be treated if they are diagnosed and treated appropriately and on time. In some cases, treatment can mitigate the impact of severe mental illness, helping the person to take better control of their life.

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Myth: One should fear people with mental health disorders as they could harm others with their violent acts

Fact: Mental health does not mean violent behaviour for others. Even if they are violent, they cannot be due to the illness. More than harming others, mental illness patients believe in self-harm. One should ensure that these people are not around sharp objects or mostly under supervision to restrict any chances of self-harm.

Myth: People with mental illness can only recovery in asylums.

Fact: In most cases, people with mental illnesses need not be hospitalised. Hospitalisation is required for essential checkups or case studies. Any hospital or asylum may not be necessary for a longer time. The proximity of caregivers and loved ones play a crucial role in a person's recovery. People need the comfort of their homes to recover.

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