Peptic Ulcer Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Peptic Ulcer Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

A peptic ulcer is similar to a wound that develops in the lower abdomen (the lower part of the esophagus or the small intestine). They are usually formed as a result of inflammation caused by bacteria Helicobacter pylori (H. Pylori), as well as the ablation of stomach acids that can cause these problems. A peptic ulcer is quite a common health problem. These are its types: 

  • Gastric ulcers: These ulcers develop inside the stomach. 
  • Ulcers of the esophageal (Esophageal ulcers): These cysts develop inside the esophagus. 
  • Duodenal ulcers: These cysts develop in the upper part of the small intestine. 

Ulcers often cause sour belching and stomach irritation, as well as vomiting, headache, etc. Peptic ulcer's patient does not like the food and at times also complaint of constipation, diarrhea, weakness in the body and the mind becomes restless.

Causes of Peptic Ulcer 

Irregular food

Irregular routines and unhealthy eating often lead to abdominal wounds, which are called ulcers. Besides, overeating of tea, coffee, cigarettes, and alcohol can also cause ulcers. Consuming more sour, spicy or hot things can lead to ulcers. Factors like anxiety, workload, mental stress can also lead to this problem.

Contamination in the stomach

For years, doctors believed that factors such as stress, spicy food, and alcohol are the most common causes of ulcers. But most peptic ulcers are caused by bacterial infections in the stomach and small intestine (due to certain medications or smoking).

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One of the causes of repeated ulcers in the stomach and small intestine is the Helicobacter pylori, also known as H. Pylori. For many years there was a popular belief that relieves stress and ulcers will be cured automatically, but when the tension increases, it will recur. However, now this notion is not considered correct.

Spicy Food

If you eat more fried and spicy foods (or eat too much acid and do not clean your teeth properly), there is a risk of mouth ulcers. This problem can occur even if the body is low in vitamin B and iron.

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The effect of stress on the presence of ulcers has not yet been determined, but it is now known that the cause of repeated ulcers in the stomach is due to bacterial infection. Antibiotics are now being used in the treatment of ulcers.

Ulcer Diagnosis

The infection of ulcers can be detected by examining the blood. Ulcers can also cause severe hemorrhage in the stomach or small intestine, so it is necessary to get tested and also take the necessary medical help. If there is a vomiting of blood, the problem can be serious and you may need immediate emergency medical help.

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