Thanksgiving Foods That Are Toxic to Cats and Dogs

Thanksgiving Foods That Are Toxic to Cats and Dogs


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One of the best parts of Thanksgiving? Dessert! Unfortunately, you can't share your chocolate bar with your pets. An ingredient in chocolate called theobromine, which is similar to caffeine, is extremely toxic for cats and dogs. This may result in vomiting, diarrhea, and seizures—it can even be fatal. Also, make sure you're not feeding your dog any of these other toxic foods for pets.

Bread dough

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Raw dough could actually rise and expand in your pet's sensitive tummy, causing bloating and discomfort or an even more serious emergency, like a gastric-dilatation volvulus (GDV). That isn't the only possible consequence of your pet eating bread dough, though. According to, "When the yeast in the unbaked dough is fermented, it results in the production of carbon dioxide (causing the bloat) and alcohol. Alcohol from the fermenting yeast is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and results in alcohol poisoning quickly. Ingestion of alcohol can cause dangerous drops in blood sugar, blood pressure and body temperature. Intoxicated dogs and cats can experience seizures and respiratory failure." These are the 10 signs your "healthy" dog is actually sick. 



Well, at least wild mushrooms. Store-bought mushrooms are OK to feed to your pet, but stay away from wild mushrooms. "Just as the wrong mushroom can be fatal to humans, the same applies to dogs [and cats]," says Cornelius. "Don't mess with them." Instead, check out the dog food brands veterinarians always feed their pets. 

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