The Most Surveilled Cities in the World

The Most Surveilled Cities in the World

London, England is the most-surveilled Western city

LONDON - JUNE 25 2016: British Royal guards perform the Changing of the Guard in Buckingham Palace. Queen's Guard change is one of the major tourist attractions in England.Shutterstock (2)

With an estimated 68.40 cameras per thousand people, London comes in at number six on Comparitech's list. London has just under half as many cameras per thousand as Shanghai and almost twice as many as Beijing. Fun fact: London and Beijing have both hosted the Olympics, and Shanghai is on the list of potential host cities for 2032's summer games. Less-fun fact: in 2017, it was discovered that thieves had installed their own surveillance cameras in ATMs throughout London in order to pilfer PINs. Don't miss this other sneaky way hackers can steal ATM information from far away.

Atlanta, Georgia is the most-surveilled U.S. city

ATLANTA-August 4:Fox Theatre August 4, 2014 in Atlanta, GA. Though once facing demolition, the theater was saved and is now a National Historic landmark which attracts roughly 750,000 people annually.Shutterstock (2)

Coming in at number ten, Atlanta is one of only two Western cities in the top ten most-surveilled cities in the world and the only U.S. city to make the top ten. Like London and Beijing (and possibly Shanghai), Atlanta is also an Olympic host city, having hosted the summer games in 1996. Perhaps ironically, Atlanta's Olympic Park was the site of an act of domestic terrorism in the midst of those games. On July 27, 1996, a pipe-bombing attack killed one, injured 11, and indirectly caused the death of someone else by heart attack. The reaction to this event may have lead to officials wanting those surveillance cameras. Believe it or not, these 8 things in your home could be spying on you right now.

Singapore is almost neck-and-neck with Atlanta

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Coming in at number 11 on Comparitech's list, Singapore has an estimated 15.25 cameras per thousand people. But in terms of sheer numbers, Singapore, with a total estimated count of 86,000 beats the pants off of Atlanta, whose total estimated count is just 7,800, making it the only city in the top 20 with a count of less than 20,000 (see Abu Dhabi below). Here are some other surprising places hidden cameras have turned up.

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