What Does Low And High Intensity Workout Mean To Your Body?

What Does Low And High Intensity Workout Mean To Your Body?
What Does Low And High Intensity Workout Mean To Your Body?

Both low and high-intensity workouts can have a significant impact on your body. To find out what do these two workouts mean to our bodies, read on…

Modern lifestyle has us on our toes all the time, making it difficult for us to find ways to utilise our precious hours to the fullest. The trendy new fitness regimens have attracted many and people are investing their time to get the best of these workouts. High-intensity workouts are all the rage right now because they help burn calories even after you are done with your workout session. But for some high -intensity workouts get a bit much, so they turn to low-intensity workout.  What do these two workout regimes mean for our body? Sit back and read to know the difference.

What is Low-Intensity Workout? 

The low-intensity workout requires only moderate amount of effort to get your heart rate up to around 60 percent. Some low-intensity workouts include running, climbing and walking. Keep in mind that just because its low impact doesn't mean it's easy and won't help you achieve your goals.

The Benefits 

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  • It is great for beginners as it allows them to set their pace, reducing their chances of getting any injuries.  
  • Low-intensity workouts focus on perfecting the form and technique, which helps the whole body to get toned. 
  • These exercises are an excellent way to build endurance and burning fat.
  • Low-intensity workouts such as yoga and Pilates can help improve balance and alignment.

What is High-Intensity Workout? 

High-intensity workouts involve intensive sessions of exercise. The aim of high-intensity workout is to get that heart rate high – 100 percent high. It burns more fat than low-intensity workouts. Even a small session of this workout can do wonders for someone trying to lose weight.

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The Benefits 

Since high-intensity workouts are more effective because it keeps your heart rate elevated, so you end up burning more calories. Once your workout is over, your body takes time to get the temperature, blood pressure and heart rate back to normal. In other words, your body burns calories even after you've left the gym. 

  • In addition to burning more calories, they also boost your metabolism by stimulating the production of human growth hormone. It slows down the process of ageing. 
  • The high-intensity workout is good for the bones. Studies have shown that putting the bones under stress can help them strengthen.

Which One to Choose? 

In the end, being fit comes down to eating less and moving more. Whether its low or high-intensity workout, it works only when you do it consistently. 

With that being said, if you are new to cardio then try to build endurance so that your body slowly works its way to higher intensity workouts. Lower-intensity workout burns a lot of calories; however, it is not as challenging and strenuous as the high-intensity workout. The high-intensity workout requires a lot of energy and burns more calories. But when you do high-intensity workout, your body takes more time to recover from the strenuous training. Therefore, it is better to integrate both low and high-intensity workout to get the best results. So, choose according to your preference and health.

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