12 Must-Have Products to Fix Any Thanksgiving Emergency

12 Must-Have Products to Fix Any Thanksgiving Emergency

It's the biggest meal, biggest travel day—and the biggest potential for headaches of the year. But these handy items can help your holiday go off without a hitch.

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Turkey Day emergencies happen


Twenty-plus pounds of poultry, out-of-town guests, alcohol, candles, and relatives with widely ranging food intolerances and political leanings. What could go wrong? This Thanksgiving, you're going to need more than just the Butterball Turkey-Talk Line on standby to get through the day unscathed. But we've got you covered. Keep these goods on hand as an all-purpose contingency plan for any last-minute complications, and thank us later. Speaking of the turkey hotline, don't miss the funniest calls Butterball operators have ever received.

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Problem: Spotty wineglasses

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