13 Ways Air Travel Will Change in 2020

13 Ways Air Travel Will Change in 2020

More training may be required of emotional support animals

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In the past few years, there has been an increase in animals traveling on places as emotional support animals, says Etain O'Longaigh, spokesman for Guide Dogs for the Blind. "The title 'Emotional Support Animal' is losing the respect it deserves because it's being abused by people who simply want to travel with their pets on board, free of charge," O'Longaigh says. "Because these emotional support animals are not required to have any training, there have been many incidents where these animals have lashed out at people and trained guide dogs, causing serious damage." O'Longaigh expects that airlines will tighten rules around required training and legitimized licensing of emotional support animals. Looking for your pooch to start pulling his weight? Here are 10 real jobs your dog could have.

Spotlight on sustainability

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Given the heightened awareness of emissions from flying, the increased sense of urgency around climate action, and flight-shaming, Michelle Martin, founder and CEO of Travara, believes 2020 will bring a spotlight on sustainability, carbon offsets, and eco-taxes. Air France, for example, announced that it will offset 100 percent of its carbon emissions on its domestic flights in 2020, and France will soon be implementing an eco-tax on all flights departing out of France. "I am hopeful that more airlines and government policies will take similar measures to decrease the negative impact flying has on the environment because beyond that, the benefits of global travel are undeniable," Martin says. To reduce your carbon footprint, try making these 25 simple swaps in your everyday life.

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