16 Car Safety Features No Vehicle Should Be Without

16 Car Safety Features No Vehicle Should Be Without

Apple CarPlay/Android Auto connectivity

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Switching songs, starting a new podcast, or fumbling with your phone's GPS while driving could easily be avoided if every car offered Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. It's the favorite car safety feature of TechSavvyMama Leticia Barr, because "connecting a phone to these platforms lets drivers get directions, make calls, listen to favorite music, and even send and receive messages through your vehicle's built-in display while allowing them to keep their eyes on the road and off our phones." While Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is available on all new GM models (and standard on most) and is standard on Range Rover models, save for the Discovery Sport, according to Barr, "Toyota will be adding Android Auto to more of its 2020 models, including the Rav4 Hybrid and Highlander Hybrid."

Lane assist

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It's not quite self-driving, but lane assist technology found in premium Kia Telluride trims, for example, is a car safety feature all vehicles should have because it literally keeps you from veering into another lane. This is especially crucial to keep drivers safe late at night, when tired eyes get heavy and weary minds often drift, causing cars to do the same. Lane assist technology gently bounces cars back into their lane unless a turn signal is on to indicate the desire to switch lanes. It is properly brilliant and could save more lives if every car had this safety feature standard. Switching lanes without using your turn signal is one of the rude driving habits you should stop ASAP.

Quality tires

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Tire tread is essential to staying safe on the road. A quality set of tires is a car safety feature no vehicle should be without because tires are your point of contact with the road surface and therefore are every bit as critical as what's under the hood, on the inside, and the safety features on the dashboard. Find out if your tires pass this crucial one-second test.

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